Frances Boardman (Squire) Potter, 1867-1914

Frances Boardman (Squire) Potter was a writer, educator and lecturer on literary, social, feminist and industrial subjects. She was the daughter of Truman H. and Grace A. Squire, born in Elmira, New York. In 1887, she graduated from Elmira College, one of the first women's colleges in the United States. She married Winfield Scott Potter, a metallurgist, in 1891; they had four children: Agnes Squire, 1892 Mark Louis, 1893; Grace Eleanor, 1895; Truman Squire, 1897.

After the separation from her husband in 1899, Frances Boardman (Squire) Potter became first a school teacher and in 1900 joined the staff of the Literature Department at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. She spent a sabbatical at Cambridge University, England (1905-1906), studying early English literature. She was accompanied by her friend Mary Gray Peck and her children.


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