Harline, Leigh

Leigh Harline (1907-1969) wrote songs for more than 120 films including many films for Walt Disney Studios. A native of Salt Lake City, Utah, Harline was one of 13 children. His parents were Swedish immigrants who had come to the United States after converting to Mormonism.

Harline attended the University of Utah where he studied piano and organ under J. Spencer Cornwall, a former director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. He moved to California in 1928 where he worked in radio in San Francisco and Los Angeles. He began working for Walt Disney Studios in 1932 and his first creations there included music for more than 50 animated short films. With Frank Churchill, he wrote the score for Snow White including the song, "Someday my Prince will Come." He received his first Oscar nomination for his work on this film. Harline also wrote the music for the movie Pinocchio (1940). He won two Academy Awards for this film: Best Music and Original Score and Best Song for "When you Wish Upon a Star."


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