Papal States. Congregazione del buon governo

Established in 1592 by Clement VIII to regulate economic activity and public administration in the Papal States. Its responsibilities paralleled those of the Sacra Consulta (ID VATV672-A) which was responsible for administrative and judicial affairs. The congregation was given extensive authority over many aspects of public life, including control over the budget, apportionment of taxes, liquidation of public debts, the census, local elections, and criminal and civil actions. It was reformed many times, by Paul V, Clement XII, Benedict XIV, Clement XIII, and Pius VII. In 1800 responsibility for roads was transferred in large part from the Presidenza delle strade (ID VATV611-A). The congregation's importance diminished in the early 19th century. In 1831 Gregory XVI took away its jurisdiction over the communes and left it only a judicial competence, as an appellate tribunal. The congregation was suppressed in 1847, by Pius IX, and its responsibilities transferred to the Ministero dell'interno (ID VATV705-A).

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