Fathy, Safaa

Safaa Fathy, filmmaker, dramatist, and poet, was born in 1958 in Minia, Egypt. She studied at the Sorbonne and received a doctorate in theater. She has directed or co-directed six films, both fictional and documentary, including Hidden Faces (1991), Doisneau (1993), Ghazeia, danseuses d'égypte (1993), Maxime Rodinson: l'Athée des dieux (1996), Le Silence (1997), and D'ailleurs, Derrida (1999). She was a student of Jacques Derrida, and the documentary D'ailleurs, Derrida resulted in a collaboration between Fathy and Derrida on the book Tourner les mots: Au bord d'un film (Galilée- Arte éditions, 2000). She has also published a collection of poems titled ...Oú ne pas naître (Paris-Méditerranée, 2003). Much of Fathy's poetry, written originally in Arabic, has been translated into both French and English. Jacques Derrida (1930-2004), French philosopher and critical theorist, is best known for the development of the theory of deconstruction. During his lifetime, he published and lectured widely, and was active in social and political projects. His work in philosophy and critical theory traverses numerous disciplines, including literature, politics, law, religion, psychoanalysis, and ethnography.

From the description of Safaa Fathy video recordings of Jacques Derrida lectures, 2000-2004. (University of California, Irvine). WorldCat record id: 681407524


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