Clift, Montgomery

Montgomery Clift was born in Omaha, Nebraska on October 17, 1920, hours after his twin sister Roberta (Ethel). He lived with his father William Brooks Clift, his mother Ethel "Sunny" Fogg Clift, and his older brother William Brooks, Jr. In the mid 1920s his family moved to Chicago and later, in the early 1930s the family settled in New York City.

At the age of twelve, Montgomery Clift made his first stage appearance in an amateur production of As Husbands Go in Sarasota, Florida. His professional stage debut was in a Stockbridge, Massachusetts production of a new comedy called Fly Away Home. In 1935, he made his Broadway debut in a New York production of Fly Away Home. Later that year he opened in a Broadway musical Jubilee. Other Broadway plays include Yr. Obedient Husband, Eye on the Sparrow, Dame Nature, The Mother, There Shall Be No Night with Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne, The Skin of Our Teeth with Tallulah Bankhead, The Searching Wind, Foxhole in the Parlor, and Tennessee Williams' You Touched Me! Montgomery Clift and his longtime friend Kevin McCarthy also wrote a screenplay of You Touched Me!, but it was never produced. Other plays he appeared in are The Wind and the Rain, Out of the Frying Pan, Our Town, and Mexican Mural. The Sea Gull in 1954 was his final stage appearance.


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