Ward, Eber B., 1811-1875

In 1807 Eber Ward married Sally Potter (d. 1818). Together they had four children, including Emily (1809- ) and Eber Brock (1811-1875). At various times, the family lived in Upper Canada, Salem (Ohio), Detroit, Bois Blanc, and Mackinac (Mich.). Eber served as the lighthouse keeper at Bois Blanc, 1830-1831. As a young man, Eber B. Ward worked with his uncle, Samuel Ward, a prominent shipbuilder in Marine City (Mich.). Eventually they became partners in "Ward's Line of Steamers" and successfully built a number of steamboats. Capt. Eber B. returned to Detroit in 1850. He became wealthy because of his steamboat business which transported lumber and iron between Buffalo (N.Y.) and N.Y. (city). He also had large investments in pine lands, mining, and railroads in Mich., Iowa, Wis., Ohio, Ariz., and Tex. In 1837, Eber B. married Mary McQueen, with whom he had seven children. Later, after divorcing Mary, Eber B. married Kate Lyon, with whom he had two more children. On Jan. 2, 1875 Eber B. died in Detroit of apoplexy. His devoted sister, Emily, outlived him. (Information from the collection.).

From the description of Family papers, 1807-1875. (Clarke Historical Library). WorldCat record id: 45130301


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