Beaudine, William, 1892-1970

William Beaudine (1892-1970) began his career in films in 1909 in New York as property man for D.W. Griffith. He went to Hollywood in 1915 and directed his first film at the age of 22. He created silent films in the 1920s, directing Mary Pickford and other stars of the era. Later he directed W.C. Fields in The Old Fashioned Way. Some of his less prestigious films were Billy the Kid Versus Dracula and Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter. He worked for Disney Studios creating both movies and television episodes. In later years he was best known as the director of Lassie. In addition to directing, Beaudine occasionally acted and wrote screenplays, often under the name of William X. Crowley.

From the guide to the William Beaudine Papers, 1912-1980, (University of Wyoming. American Heritage Center.)


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