Hertzberg, Sidney

Sidney Hertzberg (1910-83), editor, writer, journalist, and publicist, was born in Manhattan, the son of immigrant garment workers. He was educated in the New York City public schools and was graduated from Morris High School. He attended (without taking a degree) the Experimental College founded by Alexander Meiklejohn at the University of Wisconsin.

His journalistic career began in 1929 when, in order to support his college studies, he took a job as a copy boy at the New York Times . He was quickly invited to join the Times ' staff as general assignment reporter where he remained (at the expense of his college career) until 1934, perfecting his skills as a journalist and carrying out a variety of assignments including assisting the poetry editor, writing editorials and "Topics of the Times" columns, and reporting on political and economic conditions in Scandinavia (where he was sent as special correspondent) for the newspaper's Sunday edition.


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