Freeman, Kenn, 1917-1991.

Kenn (Kenneth) Freeman (1917-1991) was a versatile performing artist during the 1940s and 1950s. In addition to his acting career, he was a singer/dancer, writer, director, and also designed costumes and sets. His exposure to the theatre occurred when, as a young boy, he toured with his mother, the actress, Bee Freeman.

Kenn Freeman began performing in high school, and in the early 1940s secured his first professional acting roles in a number of theatrical productions, including "Hell's Half Acre." After World War II, he appeared in the Broadway and British productions of "Anna Lucasta," and during the 1950's he directed several productions of "Anna Lucasta" in Great Britain. He also appeared in off-Broadway and off-off Broadway productions, including "Because I Am Black," a play performed by the Birmingham Repertory Company in England. In the 1950s Freeman began his directorial career and worked with the Carib Singers, the New Lafayette Players, and the Stanley Woolf Players. Freeman's career also included roles in films and television.


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