American Committee for Devastated France

The American Committee for Devastated France (ACDF) had its origins in the Civilian Division of the American Fund for French Wounded (est. 1916) and was organized in 1918 to provide emergency relief and restoration aid to the citizens of post-World War I France. Its original stated purpose was to establish a community center which would determine the needs of French citizens, and act as a liaison between them and American relief workers. The group was also to “further understanding and friendship between France and the United States.”

The ACDF, staffed primarily by American women of a professional background, set out first to provide basic necessities: food, clothing, shelter and day care. Beginning in 1919, it concentrated on more constructive aid, such as vocational, educational, and physical training, providing farm equipment, housing and building restoration, public health facilities, libraries and scouting camps. The organization collected nearly five million dollars from over one million U.S. donors and members through canvassing and fund-raising benefits. ACDF received numerous awards, including the Gold Medal of French Reconnaissance (1920).


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