Maryland Veterinary Medical Association

For the express purpose of promoting the "advancement of veterinary science," the Maryland State Veterinary Medical Association held its first meeting in September, 1885, making it one of the oldest state veterinary associations. The original group was extremely active, often holding meetings on a weekly basis, until 1896 when interest waned. For the next 24 years meeting times were irregular and there was little activity in the Association. In 1920 there came a call to revive the old state veterinary medical association or to form a new one along the same lines. A new constitution and set of by-laws were enacted and the Association regained momentum. Since that time meetings have been held semi-annually, except in the years 1937 and 1938 when, because of the proximity of state and national meetings which our members desired to attend," no MSVA meetings were held. In the early 1970's, the Maryland State Veterinary Medical Association (MSMVA) dropped the designation "State" from its name, to become the Maryland Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA). The MVMA has been involved in many activities relating to the veterinary profession, such as advocating relevant state and federal legislation and establishing standards within the field. Also involved in educational activities, the Association donated scholarship money and established one of the first programs to train veterinary nurses. During the first century of its existence over 1500 scientific papers were presented at MVMA meetings. The MVMA has also sponsored an active publishing program. The first publication of the MVMA was the Maryland Veterinarian, published monthly between June 1959 and November 1970. At that time it was superceded by the monthly MVMA Newsletter, which was later retitled MVMA News. Also published by the MVMA was history of the veterinary profession in Maryland, entitled The Good Doctors (Fallston, MD: Maryland Veterinary Medical Association, 1986). Authored by Ray Thompson, the MVMA executive director, The Good Doctors was written to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the MVMA, and it included the history and activities of the MVMA.

From the guide to the Maryland Veterinary Medical Association archives, 1886-1995, 1886-1991, (State of Maryland and Historical Collections)


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