Hodges, Beth.

Feminist lesbian professor, consultant, and artist, Elizabeth Hodges was born in Columbia, South Carolina, in 1938. She graduated from Emory University (B.A. 1959, M.A. 1963) and the University of Georgia (Ph. D 1969). She taught French at the College of William and Mary (1966-1969) and English at Fort Hays Kansas State College (1969-1977). During the mid-1970s, she became increasingly involved in the feminist and lesbian movements, editing a special issue of Margins dedicated to lesbian feminist writing which appeared in August 1975. That summer she also attended Sagaris Feminist Institute in Lyndonville, Vermont. Her position at Fort Hays became untenable because of hostility to her lesbian-feminism, and she moved east, living in Jacksonville, Florida, and in the Boston area where she taught writing at a number of institutions, including the Goddard-Cambridge Graduate Program in Social Change (1978-1979). She went on to form E.L. Hodges Communications, a consulting firm for institutional advancement.

Hodges edited two issues of Sinister Wisdom (fall 1976 and spring 1980), and contributed articles, speeches, and papers regularly to journals such as Gay Community News and conferences such as the Gay Academic Union conference and the Modern Language Association.


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