Caldwell, Frank, 1867-

In 1905 Frank and Brownie Caldwell of Indianapolis, Indiana traveled to Alaska and the Yukon on their honeymoon. On this trip, Mr. Caldwell was an "advance man-lecture manager" for Reverend John P.D. John, a Methodist minister who wanted to bring religion to the gold camps. Frank later presented a lecture and travelogue series, in partnership with Eli Smith, with lantern slides created by Brownie Caldwell. See: The Birth of a Book by Fenton Caldwell, contained in the Guide to Frank and Brownie Caldwell Photograph Collection, 1905 PCA 249. Frank Caldwell was the author of the novel "Wolf the storm leader," published in 1934 by Dodd, Mead, & Co. Told in the voice of the dog, this book recounts the life and adventures of Wolf, the leader of Eli Smith's well traveled team sled dog team.

From the description of Frank Caldwell papers : unpublished novel, Diomeda. (Alaska State Library). WorldCat record id: 722444653


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