Flory, Paul J.

Biographical Note

1910 June 19 Born, Sterling, Illinois 1931 Bachelor's degree, Manchester College 1934 Ph.D in Chemistry, Ohio State University 1936 Married Emily Catherine Tabor 1937 1939 Employed at Basic Science Research Laboratory of the University of Cincinnati 1940 1943 Employed at Esso Laboratories of the Standard Oil Development Company (later known as Exxon) 1943 1948 Employed at the Research Laboratory of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company 1948 Accepted professorship, Cornell University 1961 1975 Professor of Chemistry, Stanford University 1974 Nobel Laureate (Chemistry) 1975 Awarded National Medal of Science 1978 Withdrew from a symposium at Tashkent in response to persecution of Soviet scientists 1980 Delegate, Hamburg Scientific Forum, Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) 1982 Panelist, Madrid CSCE 1984 Served as spokesman for a group of scholars offering themselves as personal witnesses with the hope of securing medical treatment for Elena Bonner 1985 Co-authored public letter to the editor of Science concerning National Academy of Science (NAS) scientific exchange protocol 1985 Died

Sources: Nobelprize.org


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