Oscar Micheaux Society.

The Oscar Micheaux Society formed in the early 1990s to promote the study of the early African-American film director, writer, and producer Oscar Micheaux. It released its first newsletter in February 1993 under the editorship of Jane Gaines and Charlene Regester, professors of film at Duke and UNC, respectively. The group would later collaborate with Turner Classic Movies to restore a recently rediscovered print of Micheaux's silent-film masterpiece Symbol of the Unconquered ; the restored film aired as a part of TCM's "A Separate Cinema" series in the summer of 1998. The Society also spearheaded a book project entitled Micheaux and His Circle . The collection of essays featured several Oscar Micheaux Society Newsletter contributors, many of whom had presented their work at the "Micheaux and His Circle" conference at Yale in 1995; it was co-edited by Jane Gaines, Pearl Bowser, and Charles Musser.

From the guide to the Oscar Micheaux Society Papers, 1976-2004, (David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University)


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