Abbott, W. Osler (William Osler), 1902-1943

William Osler Abbott was born in New Bedford, Mass., on 26 July 1902. His mother was a niece of physician Sir William Osler. W. Osler Abbott, nicknamed "Pete", married Lucy Waldo in 1928. They had three children. On 10 Sept. 1943, Abbott died of myelogenous leukemia.

Abbott received an M.D. in 1928 from the University of Pennsylvania. He later became a member of the Gastro-Intestinal Clinic at the University. At the University, Abbott rose from Medical Fellow in 1930 to Instructor in 1931, Associate in 1937, and Assistant Professor of Medicine in 1941. In 1942, he entered the U. S. Army but was diagnosed as suffering from leukemia and discharged. Abbott spent the remaining months of his life in leukemia research. Most of his professional work and published writings concern small intestinal intubation. In 1934, Abbott and T. Grier Miller developed the Miller-Abbott Tube, a double-lumen intestinal drainage tube for relief of distention. Abbott also worked with Arthur Joy Rawson and created, in 1937, the Abbott-Rawson Tube, a double-barrelled gastroenterostomy tube for use inpostoperative care. W. Osler Abbott was elected to fellowship in the College of Physicians of Philadelphia in 1934.


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