Doolittle, Theodore Sandford, 1836-1893

Theodore Sandford Doolittle (1836-1893) was born November 30, 1836 in the town of Ovid, in Seneca County, New York. His father was Solomon Doolittle, a merchant in that town, and his mother was Caroline Saterlee. One known relative was second cousin, William F. Doolittle, M.D., of Cleveland, Ohio.

Doolittle became a student at Rutgers College in 1855, and graduated with highest honors as a member of the class of 1859. As a student, he was the last editor of the Rutgers College Quarterly literary magazine. He attended the Theological Seminary in New Brunswick, New Jersey (1859-1862), and was licensed to preach in the Flatlands Dutch Reformed Church in Brooklyn, New York in 1862. Doolittle received his D.D. degree from Wesleyan University in 1872, and his L.L.D. degree from Union College in 1891.


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