Hayward, Roger, 1899-1979

Born in New Hampshire, Roger Hayward (1899-1979) was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he studied architecture. Following his graduation from M. I. T., Hayward lived and worked on the east coast of the United States for the first several years of his professional life, employed by a handful of architectural firms.

A move to southern California in the early 1930s, followed by the onset of the Great Depression, saw Hayward branch out beyond the world of architecture to new avenues in both the fine and practical arts. A man of many talents, Hayward is credited with having designed and constructed a model of the moon for the Griffith Planetarium, a nut-cracking machine for the California Walnut Growers Association and the Schmidt-Cassegrain optical arrangement for telescopes, to name just a few of his artistic and industrial innovations.


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