University of Pennsylvania. 250th Anniversary Commission.

The University of Pennsylvania celebrated its 250th anniversary in 1990. It started with the celebration of Benjamin Franklin's birthday on January 17, 1990, continued throughout the year with all kinds of academic activities and cultural and entertainment events, and wound up with a grand holiday party on campus in December and a titled lecture at the American Philosophical Society in January 1991.

The peak of the year-long celebration was from May 13 to May 20, which was featured by five major events: a commencement addressed by the First Lady Barbara Bush; three days of plenary sessions with speeches given by leading public figures including former President Ronald Reagan; an international colloquia entitled "World Without Walls" with panels including Henry Kissinger and Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew; dozens of alumni/faculty exchanges, and a grand entertainment program starring with Dolly Parton, Bill Cosby, and Kenny Rogers.


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