Lang, Evelyn Schutz

Alfred Schütz (spelled Schutz after his immigration to the U.S.) was born on April 13, 1899 in Vienna, Austria, the son of Alfred and Johanna (née Heim) Schütz. His biological father died prior to his birth; his mother remarried his uncle and adoptive father, Otto Schütz, a banker. Alfred Schütz served in World War I and later studied law, sociology and philosophy at the University of Vienna, receiving his doctoral degree in law and social science in 1921. It was while studying there that he came into contact with Hans Kelsen and Ludwig von Mises; he was also a member of the Mises Circle. In 1921 he became executive secretary of the Austrian Bankers' Association. Throughout his life Alfred Schütz would continue to maintain careers both in law as well as in the social sciences, where he became known especially for his work in the area of phenomenological sociology. In 1929 he joined the international banking firm Reitler & Co., a position that would necessitate frequent trips away from home. In 1932 his book Der sinnhafte Aufbau der sozialen Welt was published, a work that focused on phenomenology.

In the early 1920s Alfred Schütz met Ilse Heim, who had studied art history at the University of Vienna. Ilse was the daughter of the banker Leopold and Gisella (née Frankl) Heim. Alfred and Ilse were married in March 1926. They would have two children, Eva Elizabeth (later Evelyn) and Franz Georg (later George).


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