Kendrick, John B. (John Benjamin), 1857-1933

John B. Kendrick (1857-1933), a Wyoming state and U.S. senator, owned and operated one of the largest cattle ranches in Wyoming. Kendrick came to Wyoming on a cattle drive from Texas and established the Ula Ranch in Sheridan County, Wyoming in 1883. By 1897 he was associated with the Converse Cattle Company in Sheridan County and eventually became its owner. Kendrick served as a Democrat in the Wyoming State Senate from 1910-1914. In 1914 Kendrick was elected Wyoming governor and in 1916 was elected to the U.S. Senate, serving from 1917 until his death in 1933.

Kendrick married Eula Wulfjen in 1891. Their daughter, Rosa Maye, married General Hubert R. Harmon. Their son, Manville, succeeded to Kendrick's business interests.


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