University of Minnesota. School of Dentistry

Established in 1888, the College of Dentistry was one of three colleges included in the Department of Medicine formed in 1888 with Dr. Percy H. Millard as its dean. The College of Medicine and Surgery and the College of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery were the other units of the Department of Medicine. Prior to its establishment, the Minnesota College Hospital, a private school of medicine, provided instructional courses in dentistry and medicine.

From 1888 to 1892 Dr. Charles Bailey served as secretary of the college under Dean Millard. In 1892 the Department of Medicine reorganized and the College of Dentistry became a separate administrative unit at the University of Minnesota but continued to share space with the new School of Medicine. In 1919, a course of study to train dental hygienists was added to the curriculum and in 1932 the college changed its name to the School of Dentistry.


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