Walker family.

John Williams Walker was born 1783 Aug. 12 to Rev. Jeremiah and Mary Jane Graves Walker in Amelia County, Va. He entered Princeton in 1805 and graduated A.B., 1806. He was plagued with poor health and had hemorrages his entire life. In 1809 he was admitted to the bar in Petersburg, Ga. He purchased land offered for sale by the U.S. government in Madison County, Miss. Territory in 1809. He married Matilda Pope on 1810 Jan. 30 and moved to Madison County in 1810 June.

He was licensed to practice law in the Madison County Superior Court of Law and Equity. In 1811 October he became attorney for the territory. He was a co-founder of the Planters and Mechanics Bank of Huntsville in 1814. He rejected his appointment as secretary of the Ala. Territory by President Madison in 1817 Dec.


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