Alabama. Women's Hall of Fame.

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Alabama. Women's Hall of Fame.

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Alabama. Women's Hall of Fame.


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Ala. Government Manual. Sixth edition. Atlanta: The Darby Printing Company, 1982.

Ala. Official and Statistical Register. Montgomery: Skinner Printing Company, 1979.

Code of Ala. 1975, 41:9:550-41:9:554. Charlottesville: The Michie Company, 1977.

The Ala. Women's Hall of Fame serves to honor those women of Ala. who have rendered outstanding services or have won fame on account of their achievements. Established by the Legislature in 1975 Oct., the board of the Women's Hall of Fame is composed of eleven members with at least one member chosen from the fields of politics, art, education, business, law, community service, medicine, religion, and science. Board members are appointed by the Governor who, along with the President of Judson College, serve as voting members of the Board.

The Board is required to meet at least twice each year. A quorum of seven members must be present for business to be conducted. Members serve for three years. They receive no salary but are reimbursed for expenses incurred in attending board meetings. The Board is domiciled at Judson College in Marion, Ala. (Acts of Ala. 1975, No. 1061)

The Board receives nominations from the public and elects by unanimous vote new members to the Hall of Fame. No more than two new members of the Hall may be selected each year, and these new members must be deceased at the time of their selection. (Ala. Government Manual, p. 233). The installation of each elected member may occur on a separate occasion so as to focus attention on the individual contribution of each honoree. (Acts of Ala. 1975, No. 1061)

The Board receives an annual appropriation not exceeding $6000 from the Legislature to pay for stationary, plaques, display cases, installation programs, administrative functions, and other appropriate expenses incurred in carrying out the business of the Board. The Board is authorized to solicit and accept donations, contributions, and gifts of money and property. All gifts made to the Board are exempt from taxation in Ala. (Acts of Ala. 1975, No. 1061; Ala. Government Manual, p. 233)

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