Millar, Eric George, 1887-1966

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Epithet: DLitt, Keeper of Manuscripts British Museum

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creatorOf BRIAN CRON MANUSCRIPTS. Vol. I. Vulgate Bible; France; mid 13th cent. Latin. Owned by Henry Pomeroy, 2nd Viscount Harberton. Purchased by Eric George Millar at Christie’s through Quaritch, 24 March 1953 (lot 523). Bequeathed by him to Brian Cron, 11 ... British Library
creatorOf CODEX SINAITICUS PAPERS. Vol. II (ff. 133). Letters; 22 Dec. 1933-3 Jan. 1934.James Ramsay MacDonald, Prime Minister: Correspondence rel. to Codex Sinaiticus: 1933-1934: Partly signed and copies.Sir Harold Idris Bell, Keeper of Manuscripts, British M... British Library
creatorOf 44085. MISCELLANE0US LETTERS AND PAPERS, viz.:-, 1300-1923 British Library
creatorOf MILLAR BEQUEST. Vol. XCII. Autograph Book; 1909-1961, n.d. Ink, pencil and watercolour. Contains twenty-six entries, many illustrated. Last dated entry 1961 (f. 18). The book was given to Millar on his twenty-first birthday, 24 Oct. 1908, by Mrs Mari..., 1909-1961 British Library
referencedIn NOTES AND CORRESPONDENCE relating to 'Pictor in Carmine', collected by John Walter Hely-Hutchinson whilst the MS. was in his possession. The names of the writers of individual letters are given in the Index to the present Catalogue. Included are type... British Library
creatorOf MILLAR BEQUEST. Vol. XCV. Millar Lectures, 'Some aspects of the comparative study of illuminated manuscripts'; 1935. Autograph. Text of two lectures delivered by Millar on 7 and 14 March 1935 as Sanders reader in Bibliography in the University of Cam..., 1935 British Library
creatorOf A. A. Milne and Christopher Robin Milne Papers. Letters and papers of A. A. Milne (b. 1882, d. 1956) and Christopher Robin Milne (b. 1920, d. 1996); c. 1910-1948. Contains 10 letters from A. A. Milne to Thomas Anstey Guthrie (‘F. Anstey’) (b. 1856,..., approximately 1910-1948 British Library
creatorOf EPISTLE AND GOSPEL BOOKS for the major feasts of the year, written apparently for a Premonstratensian house in Flanders, possibly for the abbey of Ninove, near Brussels; 1599, 1599 British Library
creatorOf FRANCIS WORMALD MANUSCRIPTS. Vol. IV. Cistercian Missal and Bible; France, 13th cent. Latin. 16th-cent. contents list in French (ff. iv-v). Bookplate of C. S. Ascherson (f. i). Ownership inscription of John Mortimer Hunt, of Surrey (f. iii). From the..., 13th century British Library
creatorOf FRANCIS WORMALD MANUSCRIPTS. Vol. V. Dionysius Pseudo-Areopagite, Hierarchia; England, circa 1260-1270. Latin. The Latin translation and commentary by Robert Grosseteste. Medieval press-mark of Waltham Abbey 'clxxiii. al. ca.' (f. 1v), of late 13th o..., approximately 1260-1270 British Library
creatorOf MILLAR BEQUEST. Edith Mary Millar Memorial Manuscripts: manuscripts bequeathed to the British Museum by Dr Eric George Millar (b.1887, d.1966), Keeper of Manuscripts 1944-1947, in memory of his mother Edith Mary Millar. For the remainder of Millar's ..., 1255-1299 British Library
creatorOf MILLAR BEQUEST. Vol. XII. Noted Pontifical, written in France; mid 14th cent. Fragment. Latin. Turner, op. cit., BMQ, xxxiii, p. 29. Essentially a version of the Romano-Germanic Pontifical of the 10th cent. (see ibid.). Letter concerning the coronati... British Library
creatorOf COMMENTARIES BY ST JEROME; circa 1125-1150. Latin. Belonged to George Holt Wilson, of Redgrave Hall, co. Suff. Sold by him, 1910 (Sotheby's sale-cat., 21 July 1910, lot 158), when it was acquired by Bernard Quaritch, Ltd. Redgrave Manor belonged to t..., approximately 1125-1150 British Library
creatorOf MISCELLANE0US LETTERS AND PAPERS, viz.:-A. Three letters from the painter, William Powell Frith, R.A., to the painter, John Calcott Horsley; Wareham, Weymouth and Scarborough, 10 Oct. and 14 Nov. 1858, and 20 Aug.(?) 1865. ff. 1-17b. Presented by Dr..., 1644-1940 British Library
creatorOf REPORT, BY JOHN CRAWFORD, of the Middle Temple, of the trial of four students at Dublin for the murder of Edward Ford, Junior Fellow of Trinity College, on 8 Mar. 1734. The trial ended with the acquittal of the defendants, 12 July 1734. Cf. J. W. Stu..., 1734 British Library
creatorOf Catholic Church. [Trond Lectionary]. Pierpont Morgan Library.
creatorOf Luttrell Psalter and Bedford Psalter and Hours: correspondence, press cuttings and offprint of an article relating to the acquisition of the Luttrell Psalter (Add. 42130) and the Bedford Psalter and Hours (Add. 42131) by the British Museum; 1928-1932..., 1928-1996 British Library
creatorOf Apillo, fl. 1461,. [Psalter]. Pierpont Morgan Library.
creatorOf BRIAN CRON MANUSCRIPTS. Vol. III. Papers relating to Add. MSS 78829 and 78830. Correspondence regarding the bequest of manuscripts from Millar to Cron; — Millar’s notes on 78829; — Cron’s listing of texts and historiated initials contained in 78829; ... British Library
creatorOf Vol. XCIX (ff. 205). 1934-1943.Thomas Anstey Guthrie, alias 'F Anstey'; author: Eric George Millar, DLitt.; Keeper of Manuscripts, British Museum: Correspondence between Soc. of Authors and Eric George Millar rel. to Thomas Anstey Guthrie: 1934-1954:..., 1934-1943 British Library
referencedIn Mary Hyde Eccles papers Houghton Library
creatorOf BRIAN CRON MANUSCRIPTS. Vol. II. Prosper of Aquitaine, etc.; N. France (Cysoing?); mid 13th cent., ascribed by Sydney Cockerell to circa 1260-1270 on art historical grounds (f. iii verso), capable of a slightly earlier dating on palaeographical groun... British Library
creatorOf CODEX SINAITICUS PAPERS. Vol. X (ff. 287). 1. ff. 1-54. Newspaper cuttings relating to the acquisition of the manuscript by the British Museum; 1933-1934, n.d. Partly German and Welsh.2. ff. 55-217. Papers, including photographs, relating to the firs..., 1933-1936 British Library
creatorOf ROLL CHARTULARY OF THE VICARS CHORAL OF EXETER CATHEDRAL, co. Devon; circa 1230-1254. Latin. Imperfect, lacking its beginning. On its recto are copies of twenty-four charters and the end of a twenty-fifth relating to rents and property acquired by th..., approximately 1230-1254 British Library
creatorOf MILLAR BEQUEST. Vols. XLII, XLIII. Correspondence of E. G. Millar, mainly with the Society of Authors, concerning the literary affairs of T. A. Guthrie; 1934-1960. Mostly typewritten, partly copies. Some French. Two volumes., 1934-1960 British Library
creatorOf were presented by E. G. Millar, Esq., DLitt., F.S.A. British Library
creatorOf 41996. MISCELLANE0US Letters and Papers, 1200-1929 British Library
creatorOf A. MEDIEVAL AND RENAISSANCE MANUSCRIPTS, 1150-1570 British Library
creatorOf Vol. C (ff. 247). 1944-1954.Thomas Anstey Guthrie, alias 'F Anstey'; author: Eric George Millar, DLitt.; Keeper of Manuscripts, British Museum: Correspondence between Soc. of Authors and Eric George Millar rel. to Thomas Anstey Guthrie: 1934-1954: Pa..., 1944-1954 British Library
creatorOf THE FORTY HOMILIES of St Gregory the Great on the Gospels, in two books, with the prefatory letter to Secundinus, Bishop of Tauromenium; late 12th cent. Latin. Imperfect at the end by the loss of one leaf after f. 126b. Printed by Migne., Patr. Lat.,... British Library
creatorOf ORIGINAL COMMISSION, in Latin, from Pasqualis Maripetro (i.e. Pasquale Malipiero), Doge of Venice, to Leone Duodo as Governor (Duca) of Crete; 7 May 1459. The Greek colophon (so misaccented) is appended both to the table (f. 3 b) and to the text (f. ... British Library
creatorOf MILLAR BEQUEST. Vols. XC, XCI. Autograph collection, 1689-1937 British Library
creatorOf Vol. XVII (ff. 381). 1944-1945.includes:f. 1 Elsie Fogerty, Principal, The Central School of Speech Training and Dramatic Art: Letters, etc., to G. B. Shaw of Elsie Fogerty: 1936-1944: Partly signed and printed. f. 2 F. Murphy, engineer, of Wigan: Le..., 1944-1945 British Library
creatorOf MILLAR CHARTERS British Library
creatorOf Millar, Eric George, 1887-. Letter to Mrs. M. Hansard : London : ALS, 1934 Nov. 26. UC Berkeley Libraries
creatorOf Millar Papers: papers of Eric George Millar (b.1887, d.1966), Keeper of Manuscripts at the British Museum 1944-1947, relating to manuscripts in the British Museum and in his own collection; 1920-1966. Includes extensive notes made by Millar as wel..., 1920-1966 British Library
creatorOf Psalter with elements of York and Augustinian use ('The York Psalter'), approximately 1260 British Library
creatorOf MILLAR BEQUEST. Vols. XXXIV, XXXV. To his nephew, Eric George Millar; 1901-1934., 1901-1934 British Library
creatorOf VULGATE BIBLE, written and illuminated in England, probably in the Diocese of York; circa 1260-1280. Latin. Exhibited by the Burlington Fine Arts Club, Exhibition of Illuminated Manuscripts, 1908, no. 103, and by the Victoria and Albert Museum, 'Engl..., approximately 1260-1280 British Library
creatorOf Somme le Roy, approximately 1295 British Library
creatorOf C. MODERN CALLIGRAPHY AND ILLUMINATIONMILLAR BEQUEST. Vols. XXIV-XXXI. See J. M. Backhouse, 'Modern Calligraphy and Illumination', and 'Pioneers of Modern Calligraphy and Illumination', BMQ, xxxiii, pp. 41-42, 71-79. Eight volumes., 1900-1999 British Library
creatorOf COCKERELL PAPERS. Vol. CXV (ff. iv+88). Mi-Morg.includes:ff. 1-10 Eric George Millar, DLitt.; Keeper of Manuscripts, British Museum: Correspondence with S. C. Cockerell: 1915-1961.ff. 11-16 Alec Miller, sculptor: Letters to S. C. Cockerell: 1956.... British Library
creatorOf R. Letter from Christina G[eorginal Rossetti to [Herbert Bedford] with her permission to publish his setting [of "When I am dead, my dearest," entitled by him "If thou wilt"]; 30 Torrington Square, 3 Mar. 1890. f. 152. Presented by E. G. Millar., Esq... British Library
creatorOf Vol. XCVI (ff. 148). Correspondence relating to two of Millar's publications, The St. Trond Lectionary (1949), and The Parisian Miniaturist Honoré (1959); 1948-1960.Eric George Millar, DLitt.; Keeper of Manuscripts, British Museum: Correspondence and..., 1948-1960 British Library
creatorOf MILLAR BEQUEST. Vol. LX. T. A. Guthrie, 'Winnie, an Everyday Story'; circa 1909. Autograph. Printed in In a Good Cause. Stories and Verses On Behalf Of The Hospital For Sick Children (1909). Owned by Millar in 1910, see his bookplate (f. i). Paper; f..., approximately 1909 British Library
creatorOf D. LITERARY MANUSCRIPTS, 1872-1960 British Library
referencedIn THE ASPREMONT HORAE. Description (34 typed pages) by Eric G. Millar, with 21 photographs, of illuminated Hours executed in N.E. France or Flanders, end of 13th cent., for Joifrois or Joffroy d'Aspremont.. Since 1922 this MS. has been in the possessio... British Library
creatorOf MISCELLANEOUS LETTERS AND PAPERS; 1701-1963, n.d. Paper; ff. 103. British Library arrangement. A. Letter from Jan Garrigue Masaryk in London to Group-Captain Malcolm Grahame Christie, recording the former's perceptions of Conrad Henlein, the Sudeten ..., 1701-1963 British Library
creatorOf WILFRED PARTINGTON PAPERS. Vol. I C (ff. 298). Papers, etc., chiefly comprising correspondence about T. J. Wise; circa 1944-1954. Partly copies, partly signed, partly printed. At ff. 235-247, are G. B. Shaw's autograph marginal corrections and addit..., approximately 1944-1954 British Library
creatorOf FRANCIS WORMALD MANUSCRIPTS. Vol. III. Leaves from a noted Missal; Southern France (Maçon or Grenoble ?), 13th cent. Latin. Imperfect and unfinished. Contents include feast of St Sylvester (f. 22). Described in pencil notes (f. i) as circa 1290, but ..., 13th century British Library
creatorOf ST AUGUSTINE, 'De Consensu Evangelistarum'; late 12th cent. Latin. Migne, Patr. Lat., xxxiv, cols. 1041-1230. Preceded (f. 2) by the passage from the 'Retractiones' commenting on it, as prologue. Migne, xxii, cols. 636-7. Beg. 'per eosdem annos quibu... British Library
creatorOf 43830. MISCELLANE0US LETTERS AND PAPERS, 1300-1999 British Library
creatorOf MISCELLANE0US LETTERS AND PAPERS, viz.:-A. Circular letter from Denis O'Bryen, dramatist and political pamphleteer, to convene a meeting of five chief members of the Benevolent Society of St Patrick, viz. Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (Pr..., 1300-1938 British Library
creatorOf 'SOME ASPECTS OF THE COMPARATIVE STUDY OF ILLUMINATED MANU-SCRIPTS', two lectures delivered by Eric George Millar, D. Litt., F. S.A., Keeper of Manuscripts in the British Museum 1944-1947, as Sandars Reader in Bibliography in the University of Cambr..., 1935 British Library
creatorOf SYDNEY CARLYLE COCKERELL: letters to Eric George Millar, Keeper of Manuscripts, British Museum 1944-1947 (b.1887, d.1966), from Sir Sydney Carlyle Cockerell, knt. 1934 (b.1867, d.1962); 1920-1962. Much of the material relates to the history of indivi..., 1920-1962 British Library
creatorOf COLLECTIVE INDULGENCE issued by three archbishops and ten bishops in favour of the church of the order of the Holy Sepulchre, Hainault, Liège diocese. Dat. at Avignon, 7 June 1343. Latin. The modern portfolio in which the charter is kept was made by ... British Library
creatorOf RENTAL of the hundred and manor of Tiverton, co. Devon; 1596. At the head are painted shields of arms of Courtenay, Earls of Devon, and Trelawney impaling Courtenay. Presented by E. G. Millar, Esq., DLitt., F.S.A. British Library
creatorOf Vol. XCVII (ff. 209). Correspondence relating to acquisition of manuscripts to Millar's collection and (from f. 80) of a general bibliographical nature; 1903-1957. Some French.Eric George Millar, DLitt.; Keeper of Manuscripts, British Museum: Corresp..., 1903-1957 British Library
creatorOf MILLAR BEQUEST. Vol. XCVIII. Handlist of charters owned by Eric George Millar; circa 1930. Autograph. All the items are among Add. Chs. 75641-75722. Transferred from Manuscripts Departmental Archives, Oct. 1996. ff.i+49. Black loose-leaf ring-binder...., approximately 1930 British Library
creatorOf MISCELLANEOUS LETTERS AND PAPERS; [18th?] cent.-1957, n.d. Paper; ff. 37. Folio. A. Letter of Marcel Proust to Princess Marta Lucia Bibesco relating to a presentation copy of Du Côté de chez Swann; early 1914. French. Published in her Au Bal avec Mar..., 1700-1957 British Library
creatorOf MILLAR BEQUEST. Vols. XCVIII-CXXIX: diaries of Thomas Anstey Guthrie ('F. Anstey'), author (1856-1934); 1880-1934. Chapters ix-xv of Anstey's autobiography, A Long Retrospect (Oxford, 1936) were based very closely on entries in these diaries. They fo..., 1880-1934 British Library
creatorOf E. AUTOGRAPHS., 1689-1961 British Library
creatorOf DAWSON CORRESPONDENCE: correspondence of Warren Royal Dawson (b.1888, d.1968), broker at Lloyds' and historian especially of Egypt and of medicine, mostly with Sir (Harold) Idris Bell and Theodore Cressy Skeat, Keepers of Manuscripts in the British M..., 1925-1966 British Library
creatorOf RELAZIONE ADDRESSED TO THE VENETIAN SENATE by Daniel Barbaro, Venetian Ambassador to Edward VI; circ. 1551. Italian. Copy. The heading at f. 1, 'Relatione d'Inghilterra del Clarmo Sigre Daniel Barbaro fatta in signoria di Venetia l'anno 1565', gives ..., approximately 1551 British Library
creatorOf B. FORGERIES, 1850-1940 British Library
creatorOf K. Letter from Thomas Sturge Moore, author and wood-engraver, to Eric George Millar, Keeper of Manuscripts, concerning a visit to the British Museum; 25 Oct. 1933. f. 71. Presented by the recipient. British Library
creatorOf Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870. Correspondence of Charles Dickens, with related material. Brotherton Library, University of Leeds
creatorOf MISCELLANE0US LETTERS AND PAPERS, viz.:-A. Letter from Thomas Erskine, 1st Baron Erskine, to Mrs Siddons, with verses, on her farewell appearance as Lady Macbeth; 30 June 1812. According to accompanying correspondence (ff. 3-4) the letter passed, by..., 1697-1942 British Library
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Birth 1887

Death 1966



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