Bush, Alan, 1900-1995

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Epithet: composer and pianist

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creatorOf C. Operas., 1950-1967 British Library
creatorOf E. Other vocal music., 1926-1990 British Library
referencedIn MS Mus. 1173. Eugene Goossens Collection. Vol. iii. Glyndebourne–Knight; 1931-1962, n.d.ff. 213. 280 x 275mm.includes:ff. 1-2 Sir Aynsley Eugene Goossens, conductor and composer: John Christie, founder of the Glyndebourne opera: Copy of a letter..., 1931-1962 British Library
creatorOf CURZON COLLECTION. Vol. XXXV (ff. 55). Alan Bush, Ferruccio Busoni, Cécile Chaminade, Anthony Chaplin. 1. ff. 1-14v. Bush: Sonata in B minor, op. 2 (London: Murdoch, Murdoch & Co., 1923). Acq.: 'Royal Academy of Music, 1923'. 2. ff. 15-21v. Busoni: B... British Library
creatorOf MACNAGHTEN CONCERTS COLLECTION. Vol. XIV. ff. 106. 364 x 261mm. 1. ff. 1-15. Richard Rodney Bennett: String Quartet no. 3; 1953. 2. ff. 16-31. Richard Rodney Bennett: Oboe Quartet; 1974. Published Borough Green [1976]. 3. ff. 32-52. Sir Lennox Berkel..., 1953-1974 British Library
referencedIn JOHN IRELAND COLLECTION. Vol. XXII B. Sketches in ink and pencil in short score (ff. 1-34) and amended parts for horns 1 & 2, bars 280-285 (f. 35). ff. i+35. 358 x 264mm. and 158 x 245mm.John Addington Symonds, author: Alan Dudley Bush, composer and ... British Library
creatorOf HUMPHREY SEARLE COLLECTION. Vol. cxxxv. Letters to Searle relating to Liszt research and publications; 1969-1981, n.d.ff. 223. Overall size 335 x 240.includes:f. 1 Cedric Thorpe Davie, composer: Letters to Humphrey Searle rel. to Franz Liszt: 1965,..., 1969-1981 British Library
creatorOf MS Mus. 77. CHAGRIN COLLECTION. Vol. lxxvi. Composers’ Guild correspondence and European Broadcasting Union material; 1947-71.ff. 254.1. ff. 1-236. Correspondence relating to the Composers’ Guild; 1947, 1949-68, 1970-72.2. ff. 237-54. Lists of member..., 1947-1972 British Library
creatorOf Vol. V (ff. 178). H-W.includes:ff. 1-3 Patrick Arthur Sheldon Hadley, composer: Letters to E. Chapman from Patrick Arthur Sheldon Hadley: 1935-1941.f. 4 Grace Barrons Richardson, organist: Patrick Arthur Sheldon Hadley, composer: Letter to Grace ... British Library
referencedIn JOHN IRELAND COLLECTION. Vol. XXII A. Full score; 28 Apr. 1937 (f. 49). From Boosey & Hawkes hire library. Conductor's markings. ff. ii+49. 415 x 318mm.John Addington Symonds, author: Alan Dudley Bush, composer and pianist: John Nicholson Ireland, co... British Library
creatorOf SOLO SONGS. Vol. I B (ff. 15). (1) 'Beauty dwells uncertain' and 'Cradle Song for an unwanted child' by Alan Bush (b. 1900); n.d. Autograph fair copies. Words by F. C. Boden and R. Swingler. ff. 1-7b;-(2) 'Entry Song' beg. 'Many other songs you know..., approximately 1941 British Library
creatorOf MS Mus. 1699. Barrie Stavis (b.1906, d.2007): correspondence with the theatre critic Ossia Trilling (b.1913, d.1994); 1956-61. Much of the correspondence concerns the possible operatic treatment of his play ‘The Man who Never Died’ by Paul Dessau o..., 1956-1961 British Library
referencedIn Original letters: supplementary volume.ff. 265.1. ff. 1-15. Correspondence of William Watts (secretary of the Philharmonic Society 1815-47); 1816-26, n.d. Included are letters from J. H. Griesbach, Henry Smart and Thomas Lindsay Willman. With a lette..., 1816-1976 British Library
referencedIn CARDEW COLLECTION. Vol. xlvii. Miscellaneous papers; 1973-[1980], n.d.ff. 64. Largest size 500 x 254mm.The principal contents are:—1. ff. 1-15. Papers relating to Cardew’s imprisonment at Pentonville, March 1980; [1980]. Photocopies except where stat..., 1973-1980 British Library
referencedIn Correspondence files: concerts and general; 1958-59 (ff. 256).includes:f. 1 Leslie Regan, Secretary, Royal Philharmonic Society: Frederick Woodhouse, singer: T. Frost, Education Officer, Borough of Barking: Letter to Leslie Regan from T. Frost rel...., 1958-1959 British Library
creatorOf Vol. IV (ff. 215). A-F.includes:ff. 2-15 John Mervin Addison, composer: Correspondence with E. Chapman of John Mervin Addison: 1950-1959: Partly typewritten copies and signed.ff. 16, 17 Richard Anthony Sayer Arnell, composer: Letters to E. Chapma... British Library
creatorOf MS Mus. 1529. Michael Hurd Papers: Letters from correspondents Bantock-Craig; 1948-1980, n.d.ff. 183. 298 x 212mm.includes:f. 1 Michael Hurd, composer and author: Lady Helen Bantock, née von Schweitzer; poet and artist; wife of the composer G Ban..., 1948-1980 British Library
creatorOf MS Mus. 1610. Rosenthal Correspondence. Vol. ii (ff. 214). Bos -Coo.includes:f. 1 Harold David Rosenthal, writer on music: Luisa Bosalbian, singer: Letter to Harold David Rosenthal from Luisa Bosalbian: 1980: Typewritten, signed.f. 2 Harold Dav... British Library
creatorOf D. Other stage works, incidental music and film scores., 1934-1971 British Library
creatorOf JOHN AMIS CORRESPONDENCE: letters, principally from musicians but with some literary and other figures, to John Amis; 1942-1991, n.d. Correspondents include Sir Michael Tippett (25 letters), Luigi Nono (4), Dmitrii Shostakovich (2) and Dame Edith Sit..., 1942-1991 British Library
creatorOf Ralph Vaughan Williams: Correspondence, 1940-1941 British Library
creatorOf Recommendations; 1898-1949. All entered on printed forms.ff. 192. 240 x 193mm.As follows:—1. ff. 1-7. For membership; 1923-24, 1949, n.d.2. ff. 8-192. For associateship; 1898, 1902-11, 1916, 1919, 1923-25, 1938, 1943, n.d.includes:f. 1 Theodore Hol..., 1898-1949 British Library
creatorOf MS Mus. 1119. Letters to Ernest Chapman from the music publisher Florian Williams and others; 1939-1975, n.d. Names of correspondents are in the index to this catalogue. The letters from Williams were written both during the period of Chapman’s em..., 1939-1975 British Library
creatorOf B. Chamber and instrumental music., 1924-1988 British Library
creatorOf ROYAL MUSICAL ASSOCIATION PAPERS. Vol. xxxiii (ff. 303). Blume – Byard.includes:ff. 1-21 Dr Friedrich Blume, musicologist: Letters to Royal Musical Association: 1955-1959: Partly Germ: Partly signed.f. 22 F Bolton & Co. Ltd; London: Letter to Roy... British Library
creatorOf BERNARD STEVENS COLLECTION. Vol. LXXXII. Bush, Sorabji, Slater. ff. 65. British Library arrangement. 1. ff. 1-17. Alan Bush; 1946-1982. 2. ff. 18-33. Kaikhosru Sorabji; 1943-1951. 3. ff. 34-65. Montagu Slater, enclosing typewritten copies of his poem..., 1943-1982 British Library
creatorOf A. Orchestral music., 1926-1986 British Library
creatorOf 1918-65.ff. ii + 656 + 45* + 45**. 236 x 190mm.includes:f. 14, 15v, 19v Arthur Hinton, composer: Signed as present at general meetings of the Royal Philharmonic Society: 1913, 1918-19.ff. 14, 15, 23, 26v, 35v, 53v, 58v Howard Ellis Carr, composer..., 1918-1965 British Library
creatorOf MACNAGHTEN CONCERTS COLLECTION. Vol. XIII (ff. 124). 'Diabelleries': variations on a theme ('Where's my little basket gone?' attributed to Alfred Scott-Gatty) by Ralph Vaughan Williams (ff. 1-4 etc.), Howard Ferguson (ff. 5-8 etc.), Alan Bush (ff. 9-..., 1955 British Library
referencedIn Correspondence files: concerts and general; 1946-48 (ff. 187).includes:f. 1 Robert Anthony Eden, 1st Earl of Avon; Prime Minister: Sergei Sergeevich Prokofiev, composer: Keith Douglas, Secretary, Royal Philharmonic Society: J. N. Henderson, of the ..., 1946-1948 British Library
creatorOf Bush, Alan, 1900-1995. Voices of the prophets : cantata for tenor voice and pianoforte : op. 41 / the text taken from Isaiah, Milton, Blake and Blackman ; the music by Alan Bush. New York Public Library System, NYPL
creatorOf Correspondence files: concerts and general; 1960 (ff. 147).includes:f. 1 Charles Edmund Rubbra, composer: Sylvia C. East, Hon. Secretary, The Henry Wood National Memorial Trust: Letter to Sylvia C. East from Charles Edmund Rubbra: 1960.f. 2 Sylvi..., 1960 British Library
creatorOf Correspondence files: concerts and general; 1949 (ff. 240).includes:ff. 1-2 Alan A. Dobson, poet: Alan J. Kirby, OBE; conductor; Secretary, Royal Philharmonic Society: Letter to Alan J. Kirby from Alan A. Dobson: 1949.f. 3 Ralph Vaughan Williams,..., 1949 British Library
creatorOf BERNARD STEVENS COLLECTION. Vol. LXXX. Text, by Montagu Slater; 1947. Copy reproduced from typewriting, annotated with names of composers, nature of music where called for, etc. With typewritten agenda by Alan Bush for a meeting of the music sub-comm..., 1947 British Library
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Solo cantatas, Sacred (High voice)--Scores


Birth 1900-12-22

Death 1995-10-31



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