Valerius Maximus.

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referencedIn VALERII MAximi Romanorum exterorumque factorum et dictorum Memorabilium libri ix., cum libri decimi fragmento. On vellum; written by " Filipinus de Gandinonibus, fil. domini Zamboni," in the year 1412. Folio. [14,095.], 1412 British Library
referencedIn VALLRII MAXIMI dictorum nobilium ac factorum Memorabilium libri IX., cum glossis. On paper, xvth cent., written by Johannes Asper, alias Scharp. Folio. [ 11,982.]Valerius Maximus: Factorum et dictorum memorabilium libri ix.Johannes Asper: wrote the., 15th century British Library
referencedIn VALERII MAXIMI factorum et dictorum Memorabilium libri ix.; cum Julii Paridis libri decimi, deperditi, compendio, de nominum Romanoruin ratione. On vellum, written in the year 1392. Folio. [l1,979.]Valerius Maximus: Factorum et dictorum memorabilium ..., 1392 British Library
referencedIn DECII JUNII JUVENALIS Satyræ xvi., cum scholiis et glossis. On paper, written in the year 1441. Folio. [11,997.]Valerius Maximus: Factorum et dictorum memorabilium libri ix.Decimus Junius Juvenalis: Satyræ cum glossis et scholiis., 1441 British Library
referencedIn 'DE RE MILITARI' of Flavius Vegetius Renatus (fl. 4th cent.) translated into English in 1408 for Thomas, 5th Lord Berkeley (see f. 93), apparently by --Clifton (see description of Lansdowne MS. 285, ff. 82-136, in the Catalogue of Lansdowne MSS.) British Library
referencedIn PARHAM MS. LXXI. " VALERII MAXIMI factorum et dictorum memorialium (sic) liber primus incipit " : the nine books in a text of the deteriores class (see ed. Kempf, Teubner series, 1888). Preceded, on two inserted leaves and in a different hand, by int... British Library
referencedIn includes:ff. 2-7 b Valerius Maximus: De dictis et factis memorabilibus, lib. vii.: 17th cent.: Engl. transl.f. 8 Richard Eedes, of Christ Church, Oxford, afterwards Dean of Worcester: Brief extracts from his sermons: 1604.f. 9 John Marston, Dra... British Library
referencedIn Dionysius, de Burgo Sancti Sepulchri, Bishop, d. 1342. [Dionysii De Roberti de Burgo S. Sepulcri Libri commentarii in facta et dicta memorabilia Valerii Maximi usque ad librum IV cap. 7] [microform]. Saint Louis University - Main Campus, Pius XII Memorial Library
creatorOf Valerius Maximus. Poem [manuscript], ca. 1625(?). Folger Shakespeare Library
creatorOf Valerius Maximus. [Valerii Maximi factorum dictorumque memorabilium]. The Claremont Colleges, Claremont University Consortium
referencedIn Constable, Archibald, 1774-1827. Papers, 1801-1811. Duke University Libraries, Duke University Library; Perkins Library
referencedIn VALERIUS MAXIMUS: Miniatures of the school of Jean Fouquet (Brit. Mus. Harl. MSS. 4374, 4375). Ten plates (one in colours) of 15th cent. French miniatures, reprorduced for H. Yates Thompson; with introd. by G. F. Warner. 1907.Valerius Maximus: Facta ... British Library
referencedIn 1. EXCERPTA ex libris Suetonii de vita Cæsarum, f. 1. 2. "Ex libris Valerii Maximi Memorabilivm," f. 4. 3. Quæstiones theologicæ, sive Glossæ in varios S. Scripturæ locos: with marginal notes, partly in English, f. 13. 4. De valore literarum in alpha..., 12th century British Library
creatorOf Valerius Maximus. [Facta et dicta memorabilia]. Pierpont Morgan Library.
referencedIn VALERII MAXIMI de Memorabilibus dictis et factis Romanorum atque exterarum gentium libri ix. The fly-leaves contain the statutes and names of the Fraternity of Spicers, (probably of Florence,) written in a hand of the xivth century. On vellum, xvth c..., 14th century-15th century British Library
creatorOf Valerius Maximus. Liber Valerii Maximi factorum et dictorum memorabilium ad Tyberium imperatorem : manuscript, [between 1325 and 1350]. Houghton Library
referencedIn "VALERII Maximi dictorum memorabilium et f[ac]torum" libri ix.; with marginal and interlinear notes and gloss. and with an index prefixed. At the end is a lunar table, compiled at Paris and written in 1428. Paper; written in Italy, by two different h... British Library
referencedIn VALERII MAXIMI factorum et dictorum Memorabilium libri ix. On vellum, xvth cent., written by Simon Carpanetus. Folio. [11,981.]Valerius Maximus: Factorum et dictorum memorabilium libri ix.Simon Carpanetus: Wrote the Add. Ms., 15th century British Library
referencedIn 1. "DAS puch Ouidÿ von der lieb zu erwerbenn auch die lieb zu uersmehenn, als doctor Hartlieb von latein zu tewtsch bracht, hat durch pete vnd geschefft eins fürstenn von Osterreich" [Albrecht, son of Ernst, Archduke of Austria]: a translation, not o... British Library
referencedIn DIONYSII de Burgo S. Sepulchri expositio in Valerii Maximi memorabilium libros ix. Vellum; XIVth cent. Belonged to the convent of St. Laurence at Bibiena in Piedmont. Folio., 14th century British Library
creatorOf Valerius Maximus. Valerius Maximus collection, [ca. 1400]-1978. Cornell University Library
referencedIn "LE SECRET des Secrets d'Aristote:" Supposititious letter of Aristotle to Alexander; stated in the preface to have been found written in Greek, by "Jehan filz Patrice," and translated by him into Chaldee, and thence into Arabic; and subsequently to h..., 16th century British Library
referencedIn VALERII MAXIMI factorum dictorumque Memorabilium libri ix. At the end is added " Tabula, cum prologo, edita a fratre Giunta de Sancto Geminiano, Ord. Fratr. Heremitar. S. Augustini." On vellum, xivth cent. Folio. [11,978.]Valerius Maximus: Factorum e..., 14th century British Library
creatorOf Valerius Maximus, Memorabilia, and Texts relating to Medicine and Romances; early 15th cent. Latin. Copies. The cataloguing of this manuscript was funded by the Wellcome Trust. Only the text relating to medicine is itemised in the description; th... British Library
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