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  • 1832, July 26: Born, Edgefield, Va.
  • 1849 - 1852 : Attended the University of Virginia
  • 1853: Became member of the Masonic Lodge in Norfolk, Va. Opened Norfolk Military Institute with brother
  • 1857, Aug. 4: Married Delia Haywood Wynne
  • 1861 - 1863 : Served in the Confederate Army
  • 1862 - 1867 : President of Louisburg Female College in Louisburg, N.C.
  • 1872: Moved to Hillsborough, N.C., and began Southgate Insurance Agency, later called J. Southgate and Son
  • 1876: Moved to Durham, N.C. to expand insurance business
  • 1876 - 1878 : 1886 - 1887 : Appointed Worshipful Master for Durham Masonic Lodge No. 352
  • 1914, Oct. 28: Died, Durham, N.C.

Mr. Southgate was a teacher and educational administrator who later opened the first insurance business in Durham. He was a member of the Royal Arch Masons and the Knights Templar. After his career at Louisburg Female College, he served as president of Olin College in Iredell County, N.C. Among his children were James Haywood Southgate (1859-1916) and Mattie Logan Southgate Jones (1864-1936).

  • 1859, July 12: Born, Norfolk, Va.
  • 1878: Became partner in J. Southgate and Son Insurance Company
  • 1882, Dec.: Married Kate Shephard Fuller (d. 1892)
  • 1896: Elected presidential candidate on Prohibition ticket
  • 1896 - 1916 : Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Trinity College
  • 1913 - 1914 : President of National Association of Insurance Writers
  • 1916, Feb. 22: Died, Durham, N.C.

Mr. Southgate attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill briefly before entering the insurance business. He played a principal role in J. Southgate and Son from the 1880s onward, serving as President until his death. He was the first in Durham to enter the banking business. Southgate was active in Democratic and Prohibition politics, and served as President, Director, or Trustee of a number of civic and professional groups including the Durham Chamber of Commerce, the Durham Land and Security Company, the North Carolina Peace Society, the Durham County Fair, the Citizens' National Bank, the YMCA, the Durham Public Library, and the Southern Conservatory of Music. He was Secretary of Durham Masonic Lodge No. 352 and a member of the Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church.

  • 1852, Oct. 18: Born in Danville, Va.
  • 1881: Moved to Durham, N.C.
  • 1884, Oct. 21: Married Mattie Logan Southgate
  • 1889, Oct. 30: Died

Mr. Jones was a dealer in fancy leaf tobacco, a business which he expanded profitably in Durham, N.C. He had two children, including a son, James Southgate Jones. He was a member of the Durham Tobacco Association and the Durham Chamber of Commerce.

  • 1864, Oct. 14: Born
  • 1917: Helped plan women's parade for the North Carolina State Fair
  • 1918: 1920: Campaigned for the passage of the nineteenth amendment to the Constitution
  • 1936: Died

Mrs. Jones attended Reverend Harris's College in Staunton, Va. Among the positions she held were President of the Durham Equal Suffrage League, President of the Durham Civic Association, and Chairman of the Fifth District of the Equal Suffrage Association of North Carolina. She was a member of the North Carolina Federation of Women's Clubs.

  • 1888, July 23: Born
  • 1905 - 1907 : Attended Bingham School in Asheville, N.C.
  • 1909: Opened the People's Bank in Chapel Hill, N.C.
  • 1910: Became President of Southgate Jones and Company Real Estate
  • 1917: Became manager of the Durham Morris Plan Company
  • 1920, Feb. 7: Married Nancy Amorette Green
  • 1920s - 1930s : President of the North Carolina Joint Stock Land Bank of Durham

Mr. Jones also attended Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Va. Before opening the People's Bank, he was employed at the First National Bank of Durham. He was a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity, the Masonic and Pythian Lodges, and the Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church. He was a charter member and treasurer of the Durham Chamber of Commerce and President of the Durham YMCA.

From the guide to the Southgate-Jones Family Papers, 1760-2008, (Duke University. David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library)

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