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Hans Willem Bentinck (1649-1709) came to England from the Netherlands and was created Earl of Portland in 1689 by his close friend William III. He acquired a number of estates including Bulstrode in Buckinghamshire; Theobalds in Hertfordshire; and properties in Cumberland and Soho, Middlesex. His son, Henry (1682-1726), who was created 1st Duke of Portland in 1716, married Elizabeth Noel, daughter of the 2nd Earl of Gainsborough, and through her acquired the Titchfield estates in Hampshire (formerly owned by the Wriothesley family, Earls of Southampton). It was through the marriage of their son Henry, 2nd Duke (1709-1762) to Lady Margaret Cavendish Harley (1715-1785) in 1734 that the former Cavendish-owned Welbeck estates in Nottinghamshire came into the possession of the Bentinck family, Dukes of Portland.

Lady Margaret Cavendish Harley was the daughter and heir of Edward Harley, 2nd Earl of Oxford (1689-1741), and his wife Henrietta (1694-1755), the daughter of John Holles, 3rd Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne (d 1711) and Margaret Cavendish, who was the daughter and heir of Henry Cavendish, 2nd Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne (d 1691). Through her mother and grandmother Lady Margaret inherited not only the Welbeck estates but also many of the family papers of her Harley/Holles and Cavendish forebears. These were inherited on her death by her son William Bentinck, 3rd Duke of Portland (1738-1809) who made Welbeck Abbey his principal seat.

Papers of nineteenth-century members of the family also form part of the collection. These include the extensive official and administrative papers of Lord William Bentinck, brother of the 4th Duke of Portland, covering his career in Sicily and India, and the papers of Viscountess Ossington, sister of the 5th Duke of Portland.

During the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century most of the Bentinck and many of the other inherited estates were sold as were the Balcomie (Scottish) estates, which had been brought into the family through the marriage of William, 4th Duke of Portland (1786-1854) to the heiress, Henrietta Scott.

Although referred to as the Portland Collection, the papers at Nottingham are not those described by J.J. Arkwright, Papers of the Dukes of Portland, 10 vols (Historical Manuscripts Commission, 1891-1931), which are now held in other repositories.

From the guide to the Portland (Welbeck) Collection, 1571-1896, (The University of Nottingham)

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creatorOf Portland (Welbeck) Collection, 1571-1896 The University of Nottingham
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associatedWith Achard, John ., -1770 tutor to 2nd Duke of Portland person
associatedWith Behn, Aphra ., 1640-1689 person
associatedWith Bentinck, Charlotte S.. , 1715-1800 Countess Bentinck dau. of Anthon II Count of Aldenburg; m. 1733 William 1st Count Bentinck person
associatedWith Bentinck, Dorothy ., 1750-1794 Duchess of Portland ( née Cavendish; dau. of 4th Duke of Devonshire; m 3rd Duke of Portland 1766) person
associatedWith Bentinck family. family Earls of Portland family
associatedWith Bentinck, George A. F. Cavendish-., 1821-1891 person
associatedWith Bentinck, Henrietta Cavendish-Scott-., 1774-1844 Duchess of Portland née Scott; dau. of Major-General John Scott of Balcomie; wife of 4th Duke of Portland person
associatedWith Bentinck, Henry ., 1682-1726 1st Duke of Portland 2nd Earl of Portland cr. 1716; styled Viscount Woodstock 1689-1709 person
associatedWith Bentinck, H. William., 1649-1709 1st Earl of Portland diplomat and adviser of William of Orange; alias Hans Willem person
associatedWith Bentinck, John A.. , 1737-1775 Count captain; grandson of 1st Earl of Portland; son of 1st Count Bentinck person
associatedWith Bentinck, Lord Edward C. Cavendish., 1744-1819 2nd son of 2nd Duke of Portland person
associatedWith Bentinck, Lord W. George F. Cavendish-., 1802-1848 Lord George Bentinck M. P. ; son of 4th Duke of Portland person
associatedWith Bentinck, Lord William C.. , 1774-1839 person
associatedWith Bentinck, Lord William H. Cavendish-., 1774-1839 2nd son of 3rd Duke of Portland; Governor-General of India 1827-35 person
associatedWith Bentinck, Margaret Cavendish., 1715-1785 Duchess of Portland née Cavendish-Harley; dau. of 2nd Earl of Oxford; m 2nd Duke of Portland 1734 person
associatedWith Bentinck, Prudence Penelope Cavendish-., -1896 Mrs née Leslie; daughter of Charles Powell Leslie; married George A. F. Cavendish-Bentinck in 1851 person
associatedWith Bentinck, V. Rudolph., 1738-1820 person
associatedWith Bentinck, William ., 1704-1774 1st Count Bentinck son of 1st Earl of Portland by his second wife person
associatedWith Bentinck, William ., 1709-1762 2nd Duke of Portland person
associatedWith Bentinck, William H. Cavendish-Scott-., 1768-1854 4th Duke of Portland styled Marquess of Titchfield 1768-1809 person
associatedWith Bentinck, William H. C. Cavendish-., 1738-1809 3rd Duke of Portland succ. 1762 person
associatedWith Bentinck, William J. A. C. J. Cavendish-., 1857-1943 6th Duke of Portland succ. 1879 person
associatedWith Blathwayt, William ., c. 1649-1717 sec. to Sir William Temple at the Hague 1668; sec. at war 1683-1704; M. P. Bath 1693-1710 person
associatedWith Bromfield, Katherine ., fl 1649-1686 person
associatedWith Brown, John., -1766 of Kirkharle Northumberland Duke of Portland's agent person
associatedWith Brown, Rawdon Lubbock., 1803-1883 person
associatedWith Brown, Thomas ., 1663-1704 person
associatedWith Byng, George ., 1740-1812 4th Viscount Torrington person
associatedWith Canning, Charles J.. , 1812-1862 Earl Canning governor general of India 1856-1862 person
associatedWith Canning, George ., 1770-1827 Mr statesman; Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer 1827 person
associatedWith Cavendish-Bentinck family, Dukes of Portland of Welbeck, Nottinghamshire person
associatedWith Cavendish-Bentinck family. family of Welbeck, Nottinghamshire. Dukes of Portland family
associatedWith Cavendish, Charles ., c. 1626-1659 Viscount Mansfield son of 1st Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne; M. P. East Retford 1640-1643 person
associatedWith Cavendish family. family Dukes of Newcastle upon Tyne family
associatedWith Cavendish family family. family Dukes of Newcastle upon Tyne family
associatedWith Cavendish, Frances ., c. 1630-1695 Duchess of Newcastle née Pierrepont; wife of 2nd Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne person
associatedWith Cavendish, Henry., 1630-1691 2nd Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne succ. 1676; styled Viscount Mansfield 1659-1665; Earl of Ogle 1665-1676 person
associatedWith Cavendish, William ., 1593-1676 1st Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne cr. Viscount Mansfield 1620; Earl of Newcastle upon Tyne 1628; Marquess of Newcastle upon Tyne 1643; Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne 1665 person
associatedWith Clinton, Henry F. C. Pelham- ., 1720-1794 2nd Duke of Newcastle under Lyne also styled 9th Earl of Lincoln from 1730; born Clinton, but assumed Pelham-Clinton in 1768 as 2nd Duke of Newcastle under Lyne person
associatedWith Defoe, Daniel ., 1661-1731 person
associatedWith Disraeli, Benjamin ., 1804-1881 1st Earl of Beaconsfield statesman; created Earl of Beaconsfield 1876 person
associatedWith Donne, John., c. 1572-1631 person
associatedWith Douglas, Lady Frances ., 1750-1817 née Scott; dau. of Francis Scott, Earl of Dalkeith; sister of the 3rd Duke of Buccleuch; m. Archibald James Edward Stewart, later Douglas, 1st Lord Douglas of Douglas person
associatedWith Dowland, John ., 1563-1626 person
associatedWith Dryden, John ., 1631-1700 person
associatedWith East India Company corporateBody
associatedWith Foley, Thomas ., -1733 1st Baron Foley 1st Baron of 1st creation; cr. Baron Foley of Kidderminster 1712; M. P. Stafford 1694-1712 person
associatedWith Gay, John ., 1685-1732 person
associatedWith Goulding, Richard William., 1868-1929 Mr librarian and private secretary to 6th Duke of Portland person
associatedWith Harley, Brilliana ., c. 1600-1643 Lady Harley 3rd wife of Sir Robert Harley; dau of 1st Viscount Conway person
associatedWith Harley, Edward ., 1664-1735 2nd son of Sir Edward Harley person
associatedWith Harley, Edward ., 1689-1741 2nd Earl of Oxford and Mortimer styled Lord Harley 1711-1724 person
associatedWith Harley family. family Earls of Oxford family
associatedWith Harley, Henrietta Cavendish., 1694-1755 Countess of Oxford and Mortimer née Lady Henrietta Cavendish Holles wife of the 2nd Earl of Oxford person
associatedWith Harley, Lady Abigail ., -1700 née Stephenson; 2nd wife of Sir Edward Harley person
associatedWith Harley, Robert ., 1661-1724 1st Earl of Oxford and Mortimer M. P. ; speaker 1701-1705; P. M. 1711-1714 person
associatedWith Harley, Sarah ., -1737 Countess of Oxford and Mortimer person
associatedWith Harley, Sir Edward ., 1624-1700 eldest son of Sir R. Harley; Governor of Dunkirk 1660-1661 person
associatedWith Harley, Sir Robert ., 1579-1656 person
associatedWith Harvey, Christopher ., 1597-1663 person
associatedWith Heinsius, Anthony ., 1641-1720 Grand Pensionary of Holland from 1688 person
associatedWith Holles, Denzel ., c. 1538-1590 person
associatedWith Holles, Denzell ., 1599-1680 1st Baron Holles cr. Baron Holles of Irfield 1661; son of 1st Earl of Clare person
associatedWith Holles family. family Dukes of Newcastle upon Tyne family
associatedWith Holles family. family Earls of Clare family
associatedWith Holles, Gilbert ., 1633-1689 3rd Earl of Clare M. P. Nottinghamshire 1660; succ. 1666 person
associatedWith Holles, John ., 1564-1637 1st Earl of Clare M. P. Nottinghamshire 1604-11 and 1614; Comptroller of Household to Prince of Wales 1610-1612 person
associatedWith Holles, John ., 1595-1666 ( 2nd Earl of Clare) of Haughton Notts M. P. East Retford 1624-26; succ. 1637 person
associatedWith Holles, John ., 1662-1711 3rd Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne cr. Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne 1694, 1st Duke of second creation; also 4th Earl of Clare person
associatedWith Holles, Margaret ., 1661-1716 Duchess of Newcastle upon Tyne née Cavendish; dau. of 2nd Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne; m 3rd Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne 1690 person
associatedWith Hotham, Beaumont ., 1737-1814 2nd Baron Hotham Baron of the Exchequer 1775-1805 person
associatedWith Jockey Club corporateBody
associatedWith Jordan, Thomas ., c. 1620-c. 1685 person
associatedWith Kaye, Richard ., 1736-1809 6th Baronet chaplain to the King 1766 person
associatedWith Kelk, George ., fl 1837-1854 person
associatedWith Ker, J.. , fl 1811-1821 Captain captain in the 9th Lancers involved in dispute over discipline with Cornet Lord George Bentinck in 1821 person
associatedWith Lowther, James ., 1736-1802 person
associatedWith Marvell, Andrew ., 1621-1678 person
associatedWith Mary II, 1662-1694 person
associatedWith Montagu, Elizabeth ., 1718-1800 person
associatedWith Needham, Francis ., 1900-1971 Mr librarian to the 6th Duke of Portland person
associatedWith Philips, Katherine., 1727-1794 person
associatedWith Pope, Alexander ., 1688-1744 person
associatedWith Prior, Matthew ., 1664-1721 person
associatedWith Rowe, Elizabeth ., 1674-1737 person
associatedWith Sackville, Charles ., 1638-1706 6th Earl of Dorset person
associatedWith Scott, Charlotte ., 1806-1889 Viscountess Ossington née Cavendish-Bentinck m 1827 person
associatedWith Scott, Lady Frances . fl 1760-1771 person
associatedWith Scott, William J. Cavendish-Bentinck-., 1800-1879 5th Duke of Portland person
associatedWith Scudamore, Henry Somerset-., 1707-1746 3rd Duke of Beaufort succ. 1714; assumed name Scudamore 1730 person
associatedWith Shirley, James ., 1596-1666 person
associatedWith South Sea Company corporateBody
associatedWith Southwell, Sir Robert ., 1635-1702 person
associatedWith Strode, William ., 1602-1645 person
associatedWith Swift, Jonathan ., 1667-1745 person
associatedWith Turner, Edward ., fl 1798-1822 person
associatedWith Waller, Edmund ., 1605-1687 person
associatedWith Wentworth, Charles Watson-., 1730-1782 2nd Marquess of Rockingham person
associatedWith Wharton, Thomas ., 1648-1715 1st Marquess of Wharton succ. as Baron Wharton 1696; cr. Earl 1706; cr. Marquess 1715 person
associatedWith Whitshed, Sophia Henrietta Hawkins., 1765-1852 Lady Hawkins-Whitshed née Countess de Bentinck; m 1791 person
associatedWith William III, 1650-1702 person
associatedWith Wilmot, Elizabeth ., -1681 Countess of Rochester poet person
associatedWith Wilmot, John ., 1647-1680 2nd Earl of Rochester poet person
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