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Introduction [to the Guide to Ethnological Documents (1-203) of the Department and Museum of Anthropology, University of California Berkeley]

This Guide represents the culmination of some five years' work by the compiler which was initiated in December, 1965. In excess of 50,000 pages of manuscripts and field notes, and thousands of plates and photographs, were sorted, researched, indexed and archived in a decimal system. In 1957-1958, A. L. Kroeber had compiled the first catalog of Museum manuscripts, then numbering but thirty-nine. Beside these relatively few items remained an enormous quantity of collections stored then in the mezzanine of the Anthropology Library of Kroeber Hall. In 1967, Kroeber's list was augmented and edited by the writer, and was then published (Kroeber and Valory 1967) to initiate knowledge of the collection's existence in the academic community at large.

In 1969, a joint committee of Department of Anthropology faculty and Lowie Museum staff met and decided to accept an offer by the University Archives to absorb the collections. By this time, in excess of 150 of the collections had been archived, and their value was becoming known to scholars throughout the United States; numerous scholars came to Berkeley thereafter to examine and utilize the mainly unpublished sources. The lack of adequate facilities to store and use the collections, however, severely hampered this activity, and the Department/Museum "Archives" had merely unofficial status.

The accumulation of these collections began as early as the Department of Anthropology itself (1901), and the Guide, together with the important endnotes, is in itself a meandering history of both the Department and of the course and development of ethnology in California. The collections are significant mainly for their relevance to North American Indian--and California Indian in particular--studies, although there are as well significant Pacific collections. Notable among the archival items are the collections of works by P. E. Goddard, E. W. Gifford, to some extent those of A. L. Kroeber and T. T. Waterman. The private correspondence and scientific papers of A. L. Kroeber and R. H. Lowie are not a part of this collection and are now located in The Bancroft Library. Department and Museum official correspondence to 1958 was also shifted to the University Archives in 1969.

The ethnological documents of the Department and Museum are now available for use to serious scholars, and individuals interested in them should contact the University Archivist, for rules respecting the examination and reproduction of the contents. As a courtesy, permission for citation or publication, in part or in whole, of the collections should be secured, in writing, in advance from the authors where living. In many cases, living authors' addresses can be obtained from either the Lowie Museum files or from the Department of Anthropology in Kroeber Hall; authorization for the use of the collections per se is not necessary on the part of the Museum or Department, however. The University Archivist has sole authority in this matter.

It is hoped that in years to come, the collections now in the University Archives will be utilized to their capacity, as fresh field sources and opportunities for research on traditional cultures of North American Indian societies are swiftly drying up, and the domain of historical Indian civilizations is slipping into the realm of paleoanthropology, and the traditional American Indian is disappearing. As this phenomenon increasingly becomes the general rule, scholars will turn ever increasingly in kind to library and archival sources for new insight and data, and such collections as those in the Archives will gain new and deeper significance.


The writer is grateful to many individuals who responded to queries during the researching of the collections. I would like to especially acknowledge the assistance of the following persons: Mr. Robert Pfeiffer, Anthropology Librarian; Dr. V. K. Golla of George Washington University; Dr. John Rowe, Dr. Robert Heizer, Dr. J. N. Anderson, the late Dr. T. D. McCown, Dr. N. H. H. Graburn, and Dr. Alan Dundes of the University of California, Berkeley; Dr. William Bright and Dr. Harry Hoijer of the University of California, Los Angeles, Dr. Cora Du Bois of Harvard University; Dr. Catherine McClellan of the University of Wisconsin; Dr. T. S. Kauffman of the University of Pittsburg; Dr. Frank J. Essene of the University of Kentucky; Dr. F. S. Hulse of the University of Arizona; Mrs. Delila Gifford; Mrs. Theodora Kroeber-Quinn; Dr. A. B. Elsasser, Mr. Frank Norick, Mr. Gene Prince, and Miss S. R. Gudmundsen of the R. H. Lowie Museum of Anthropology; Dr. W. W. Elmendorf, Dr. J. H. Steward, Dr. Reo Fortune, Dr. C. D. Forde, Dr. Isabel T. Kelly, Dr. Julius Moshinsky, Dr. Shirley Silver, Mr. J. R. K. Kantor of the University Archives; and Dr. Margaret Mead of the American Museum of Natural History.

Berkeley, California October 1971 [Dale Valory Archeological Research Facility Department of Anthropology University of California at Berkeley Berkeley, California]

From the guide to the Ethnological documents of the Department and Museum of Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley, 1875-1958, (The Bancroft Library)

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associatedWith Angulo, Jaime de. person
associatedWith Anonymous. Note 163. person
associatedWith Anonymous. Note 179. person
associatedWith Barrett, Samuel A. (Samuel Alfred), 1879-1965 person
associatedWith Barton, Roy Franklin, 1883-1947 person
associatedWith Bascom, Berta person
associatedWith Bascom, William Russell, 1912-1981 person
associatedWith Brewer, W. A. person
associatedWith Bright, William, 1928- person
associatedWith Chever, Edward E. person
associatedWith Conklin, Harold C. person
associatedWith Dangberg, Grace, 1896- person
associatedWith D'Harnoncourt, Rene. person
associatedWith Dieseldorff, Erwin P. person
associatedWith Dixon, Roland Burrage, 1875-1934 person
associatedWith Dolores, Juan and Kroeber, A. L. (Alfred Louis), 1876-1960 person
associatedWith Driver, Harold Edson, 1907- person
associatedWith Du Bois, Cora A. person
associatedWith Elmendorf, William Welcome, 1912- person
associatedWith Essene, Frank J., 1908- person
associatedWith Faye, Paul Louis, 1885- person
associatedWith Forde, Cyril Daryll, 1902- person
associatedWith Freeland, Lucy Shepard; Kroeber, A. L. (Alfred Louis), 1876-1960 person
associatedWith Garvan, John M. person
associatedWith Garvan, John M. Note 188. person
associatedWith Garvan, John. Note 196. person
associatedWith Gerow, Bert A. person
associatedWith Gifford, Edward Winslow, 1887- and Kroeber, A. L. (Alfred Louis), 1876-1960 person
associatedWith Gifford, Edward Winslow (compiler), 1887- person
associatedWith Goddard, Pliny Earle, 1869-1926 person
associatedWith Grinnell, Joseph, 1877-1939 person
associatedWith Gunther, Erna, 1896- person
associatedWith Halpern, Abraham Meyer, 1914- person
associatedWith Harrington, John Peabody. person
associatedWith Harrington, John Peabody. Note 164. person
associatedWith Hewes, Gordon Winant, 1917- person
associatedWith Hohenthal, William Dalton, 1919- person
associatedWith Holt, Catharine, 1891- person
associatedWith Hulse, Frederick Seymour, 1906- person
associatedWith Israel, Pamela. person
associatedWith Jacobs, Melville, 1902- person
associatedWith Jared, Charles E. Note 170. person
associatedWith Johnson, Jean Bassett, 1916-1944 person
associatedWith Kelly, Isabel Truesdell, 1906- person
associatedWith Kelsey, C. E. person
associatedWith King, Arden R. person
associatedWith Kroeber, A. L. (Alfred Louis), 1876-1960 person
associatedWith Lantis, Margaret. person
associatedWith Littlejohn, Hugh W. person
associatedWith Maloney, Joseph. person
associatedWith Marsden, W. L. person
associatedWith Mason, John Alden, 1885-1967 person
associatedWith Matthews, Washington, 1843-1905 person
associatedWith McClellan, Catharine and Libby, Dorothy R. person
associatedWith McCown, Theodore Doney, 1908-1966 person
associatedWith Olson, Ronald L. (Ronald Leroy), 1895- person
associatedWith O'Neale, Lila M. (Lila Morris), 1886-1948 person
associatedWith Pearsall, Marion, 1923- person
associatedWith Phoebe Apperson Hearst Museum of Anthropology corporateBody
associatedWith Radin, Paul, 1883-1959 person
associatedWith Riddell, Francis Allen, Brooks, Sheilagh, Eckman, K., and Shutler, Mary Elizabeth. person
associatedWith Robert H. Lowie Museum of Anthropology corporateBody
associatedWith Sapir, Edward, 1884-1939 person
associatedWith Smith, Martin R. person
associatedWith Sparkman, Philip Stedman, d. 1907 person
associatedWith Steward, Julian Haynes, 1902-1972 person
associatedWith Stewart, Omer Call, 1908- person
associatedWith Thrall, Barbara and Gayton, A. H. (Anna Hadwick), b. 1899 person
associatedWith Thurnwald, Richard, 1869-1954 person
associatedWith Tozzer, Alfred M. (Alfred Marston), 1877-1954 person
associatedWith Voegelin, C. F. (Charles Frederick), 1906- person
associatedWith Walsh, Marie T. and Bolton, Herbert Eugene, 1870-1953 person
associatedWith Waterman, T. T. (Thomas Talbot), 1885-1936 person
associatedWith Weymouth, W. D. (?). Note 76. person
associatedWith Wheeler-Voegelin, Erminie, 1903- person
associatedWith Wilson, Birbeck. person
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