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Conrad Gessner (b. March 26, 1516, Zurich, Switzerland–d. December 13, 1565, Zurich, Switzerland) was a Swiss physician, naturalist, bibliographer, and philologist. Born into a poor family in Zürich, Switzerland, his father and teachers quickly realised his talents and supported him through university, where he studied classical languages, theology, and medicine. He became Zürich's City Physician, but was able to spend much of his time on collecting, research and writing. Gessner compiled monumental works on bibliography and zoology and was working on a major botanical text at the time of his death from plague at the age of 49. He is regarded as the father of modern scientific bibliography, zoology and botany. He was frequently the first to describe a species of plant or animal in Europe, such as the tulip in 1559. A number of plants and animals have been named after him.
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associatedWith Breitinger, Johann Jakob, 1575-1645 person
associatedWith Granniss, Ruth S. (Ruth Shepard), 1872-1954. person
associatedWith Gudger, E. W. (Eugene Willis), 1866-1956. person
associatedWith Stobaeus. person
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Birth 1516-03-26

Death 1565-12-13





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