Bogle, George, 1746-1781

Alternative names
Birth 1746-11-26
Death 1781-04-03

Biographical notes:

1769-1781 Bengal Civil Service, including: 1772 Assistant Secretary to the Board of Revenue, East India Company; 1774-1775 Envoy to the Panchen Lama of Tibet.

Epithet: diplomat

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001394.0x00020d


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  • Chingleput, Madras (as recorded)
  • Saint Helena, Africa (as recorded)
  • Plassey, India (as recorded)
  • Travancore State, India (as recorded)
  • India, Asia (as recorded)
  • Rotasgur, Bengal (as recorded)
  • Calcutta, India (as recorded)
  • Cossimbazar, Bengal (as recorded)
  • Tanjore, Madras (as recorded)
  • Srirangam, Madras (as recorded)
  • Bhotan, India (as recorded)
  • Gya, India (as recorded)
  • Egypt, Africa (as recorded)
  • Hyderabad State, India (as recorded)
  • Anjouan Island, Comoro Islands, Indian Ocean (as recorded)
  • Kandahar, Afghanistan (as recorded)
  • Arcot State, India (as recorded)
  • Deccan, India (as recorded)
  • Fort St David, India (as recorded)
  • India, Asia (as recorded)
  • Tibet, Asia (as recorded)
  • Afghanistan, Asia (as recorded)
  • Aleppo, Syria (as recorded)
  • Bihar, India (as recorded)
  • Patna, India (as recorded)
  • Bhutan, Asia (as recorded)
  • Anjengo, Travancore, Madras (as recorded)
  • Delhi, India (as recorded)
  • Oudh, India (as recorded)
  • Satara, Bombay (as recorded)
  • Jumna River, India (as recorded)
  • Pondicherry, India (as recorded)
  • Basra, Iraq (as recorded)
  • Manila, Philippines (as recorded)
  • Murshidabad, Bengal (as recorded)
  • Cape of Good Hope, South Africa (as recorded)
  • Madras, India (as recorded)
  • Trichinopoly, Madras (as recorded)
  • Suez, Egypt (as recorded)
  • Madura, Madras (as recorded)
  • Masulipatam, Madras (as recorded)
  • Surat, Bombay (as recorded)
  • Jidda, Saudi Arabia (as recorded)
  • Great Thibet, Central Asia (as recorded)
  • Pondicherry, India (as recorded)
  • Great Thibet, Central Asia (as recorded)
  • Hooghly Town, Bengal (as recorded)
  • Malabar Coast, Madras (as recorded)
  • Mysore State, India (as recorded)
  • Vellore, Madras (as recorded)
  • Cooch Behar State, India (as recorded)
  • Carnatic Region, India (as recorded)
  • Kabul, Afghanistan (as recorded)
  • Dacca, India (as recorded)
  • Bombay, India (as recorded)
  • China, Asia (as recorded)
  • Tibet, Asia (as recorded)
  • Jakarta, Indonesia (as recorded)
  • Bengal, India (as recorded)
  • Tibet, Asia (as recorded)
  • Calcutta, India (as recorded)
  • Chandernagore, Bengal (as recorded)
  • Chinsura, Bengal (as recorded)
  • Sircars District, India (as recorded)