Bickerton, Richard Hussey, Sir, 1759-1832, 2nd Baronet, naval officer

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1771-1774 served on the Marlborough; 1774-1776 served on the Medway; 1776-1777 served on the Enterprise, later the Invincible; 1777 lieutenant, the Prince George; c 1777 served on the Jupiter; 1778 first lieutenant, the Jupiter; 1779-1781 command of the Swallow; 1781 post rank, command of the Gibraltar; 1783 command of the Brune; 1787 command of the Sibylle; 1792 baronetcy; 1793 command of the Ruby; 1794-1798 command of the Ramillies; 1798 command of the Terrible; 1799 rear-admiral; 1800 command of the blockade of Cadiz; 1801 command of the Kent and created knight of the Crescent; 1802-1803 commander-in-chief in the Mediterranean; 1803-1805 second in command in the Mediterranean and served in the blockade of Toulon; 1805 commander-in-chief in the Mediterranean and vice-admiral; ? 1805-1812 Admiralty board; 1808-1812 Member of Parliament for Poole; 1810 admiral; 1812-1814 commander-in-chief at Portsmouth; 1815 KCB; 1818 lieutenant-general of marines; 1830 general of marines.

Epithet: naval officer

Title: 2nd Baronet

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Birth 1759

Death 1832

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