Consuls (active 1701-1820)

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Role Title Holding Repository
referencedIn " A GENERAL ACCOUNT of the State-Papers preserved in the Royal Repository called the Paper-Office," and now in the Public, Record Office. The account begins with a copy (in the hand of Tho. Astle) of a description of the arrangement and subdivision o... British Library
referencedIn Vol. viii. 1701, 1702.includes:ff. 15, 17 Philips de Tombe, Dutch Consul at London: Commission: 1700. ff. 21-28 Julius Heinrich von Friesen, Count; William III's Envoy to the Prince of Baden: Credentials and instructions: 1700.: Copies. ff. 38, 42 ..., 1701-1702 British Library
referencedIn Vol. xi. (ff. 512). Aug.-Oct. 1786.Joseph Matthias Gérard the de Rayneval, French diplomatist: Correspondence with Lord Auckland: 1786-1800.Trade and Commerce: Correspondence nd papers relating to a commercial treaty between France and England: 1786-... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCI (ff. 251). 23 Aug. 1786-26 Dec. 1787.Trade and Plantations; Board of Commissioners for: Minutes: 1784-1794.Trade and Commerce: Minutes of Committee of Trade: 1784-1794.Fisheries: Minutes of Committee of Trade cone. Newfoundland, Greenland, a... British Library
referencedIn 31,423. Vol. xii. (ff. 424). Nov. 1786-Jan. 1787.Trade and Commerce: Correspondence nd papers relating to a commercial treaty between France and England: 1786-1787.includes:ff. 1-3, 12, 27-31, 67,73,97, 101, 107, 113, 161 b, 168, 220, 224,231, 286, 3... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXVII (ff. 263). 1811-1820.includes:f. 2 Gedney, Lincolnshire: Particulars of estate at: circ. 1811. ff. 5-8, 11 Clenchwarton, Norfolk: Papers rel. to an estate in: 1794-1811. f. 9 Wildmore Pen, Lincolnshire: Particulars of freehold estate in..., 1811-1820 British Library
referencedIn Vol. LVII (ff. 431). Dec. 1860-1861.Sir Austen Henry Layard, GCB; diplomatist and archaeologist: Correspondence with Lord J. Russell: 1853-1871.John Russell, 1st Earl Russell; Prime Minister: Correspondence with Sir A. H. Layard: 1853-1871.includes:... British Library
Role Title Holding Repository
Relation Name
Place Name Admin Code Country
Bordeaux, France
Panama, Central America
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Roumania, Europe
Bermuda Islands, North Atlantic Ocean
United States of America
Cadiz, Spain
United States of America
Dartmouth, Devon
Southwark, Surrey
St. Vincent, West Indies
Narva, Russia
Zanzibar, Tanzania
Bahama Islands, the Carribean
Ireland, Europe
Liberia, Africa
Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Mexico, Central America
Newfoundland, Canada
Morocco, North Africa
Uruguay, South America
Scotland, United Kingdom
Serbia, Europe
Wildmore Pen, Lincolnshire
London, England
Ireland, Europe
Channel Islands, United Kingdom
Nova Scotia, North America
Dunkirk, France
Isle of Man, England
Ireland, Europe
Dominica, the W. Indies
Jamaica, Central America
Riga, Livonia
Egypt, Africa
Greenland, Denmark
Bermuda Islands, North Atlantic Ocean
Clenchwarton, Norfolk
Herzegovina, Europe
Montenegro, Europe
Dundrum, Down
West Indies, America
Liverpool, Lancashire
Colombia, South America
New Brunswick, North America
Italy, Europe
Gedney, Lincolnshire
Argentina, South America
Aden, Asia
Baltic Sea, Northern Europe
Quebec, Province of, Canada
Danzig, Germany
Isle of Wight, England
Darien, Panama
Canso, Nova Scolia
Ecuador, South America
Altona, Germany
Peru, South America

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Active 1701

Active 1820

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