Pepusch, Johann Christoph, composer

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creatorOf KEYBOARD PIECES: volume of keyboard pieces by Pepusch, William Babel and others, with two vocal items; early 18th cent. [before 1714?]. The end fly-leaf has tallies, with the instruction ‘For Babel att M.r Scotts In Deens Cour Deen Street near S.t An... British Library
referencedIn ANTHEMS (full and verse), in score, many of them with organ accompaniment. One by Dr. Croft (f. 8) is dated 1720. The names of the composers are given in the Index. Paper; ff. 94. XVIII. cent. Belonged to Thomas W. Taphouse, of Oxford (sale-cat. 3 Ju..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn " SIXTY-SIX solos or sonatas for a violin, a base 'Viol, or harpsichord," with figured bass, by Arcangelo Corelli, Godfrey Finger, D. Purcell, "Young Nicola," Carlo Ambrosio, Vitilina, Martino, Capellini, Pe]pusch, Courtevill, ',Old Nicola," Albicast..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn MUSICAL EXAMPLES, ETC.; 1730. Bound at the end of the printed volume (by J. C. Pepusch) A Short Treatise on Harmony (J. Watts, 1730) and comprising ‘Examples in Notes referring the [MS.] Figures in the Margin & serving to explain every Example (eithe..., 1730 British Library
referencedIn Vol. II. ff. 33. Early xviiith cent.Johann Christoph Pepusch, composer: Violin sonatas: 18th cent. British Library
referencedIn (1-9.). ROYAL MUSIC COLLECTION. Vocal music; 18th century. In score.Paper.1. 13 ff. Anon: Tonat coelum. Sacred composition for 2 voices; with symphonies and accompaniment for instruments and an unfigured bass. ‘To His Royal Highness the Prince of Wal..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn HAWKINS COLLECTION. Vol. IV (ff. 160). Transcript made for Dr. Pepusch of the greater part of the musical treatises in the Waltham Abbey MS. (i.e. Lansdowne MS. 763), which was written by John Wylde circa 1460; early 18th cent. Latin and English. The... British Library
referencedIn COLLECTION of dance tunes, etc., mainly by English composers of the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, apparently written or arranged for the harpsichord. Said (f. ii) to be in the hand of John Barrett [Music Master at Christ's Hospital; d. ... British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL. letters, etc., chiefly of, or relating to, composers, musicians, and singers; 1578-1860 1. Writ of precipe to the Sheriff of Norfolk for the observance by Sir Thomas Gresham and Anne, his wife, of an agreement with John Weld relative to a m..., 1578-1860 British Library
referencedIn HARPSICHORD compositions ; including pieces, by Pepusch, William Babell, Jean Baptiste Loeillet, and [Francesco] Mancini. Paper; ff. 50. xviiith cent. Obl. Quarto.Johann Christoph Pepusch, composer: Harpsichord compositions: 18th cent.Francesco Manci..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn HAWKINS COLLECTION. Vol. I (ff. 106). Transcripts made for Dr. Johann Christoph Pepusch of the musical portions of Cotton MS. Tiberius B. ix; early 18th cent. Viz.:-Treatises:-(a) compiled by Robert de Handlo from Franco of Paris. ff. 1-11;-(b) by ... British Library
referencedIn 1. " LAMENTABATUR JACOB," for 5 voices, in score, by Cristobal Morales of Seville, being one of the motets sung in the Sistine Chapel on the 4th Sunday in Lent. Taken " from an ancient manuscript formerly in Dr. Pepusch's Library." f. 1. 2. Part of a..., approximately 1840 British Library
referencedIn " COLLECTION of lessons set for the harpsichord," by G. F. Handel, Giovanni Battista Buononcini, Dr. W. Croft, Johann Christoph Pepusch, Dr. M. Greene, Dr. Thomas Deane, John Weldon, Jean Baptiste Lully, -Webber, and Jeremiah Clark. At the reverse e..., 18th century British Library
creatorOf ORGAN MUSIC: ‘Voluntary’s and fugues for the organ or harpsichord’; 2nd half of 18th century. A collection of 28 English organ voluntaries by John James, Stanley and others, comparable with the ‘Southgate’ book in the Royal College of Organists (desc... British Library
referencedIn BIRTHDAY Odes, New Year's Songs, Welcome Songs, Odes to St. Cecilia, etc., by Henry Purcell and Dr. John Blow, 1681-7. Included are: New Year's Songs, trios, etc., by Dr. William Turner, ff. 5 b, 8 b, 17 b, 21 b, 89 b;-New Year's and Birthday Songs, ... British Library
referencedIn " RECEUFIL de Piéces choisies pour le Clauessin, 1702, "compiled by William Babell. Autogr. The principal contents are twenty-nine suites probably adapted and arranged by the compiler, many of them from operatic works by Jean Baptiste Sully (ff. 1-10... British Library
creatorOf MS Mus. 1524. Songs by Henry Purcell, J. C. Pepusch and William Boyce: A selection of songs from ‘The Fairy Queen’, an excerpt from the cantata ‘Alexis’, ‘When Orpheus went down’, and some anonymous pieces; circa 1692-1745. Ink scores, copies. Th..., approximately 1692-1745 British Library
referencedIn COLLECTION of harpsichord and organ pieces, etc., which belonged in 1773 to Samuel Wesley, a few of them being probably his own juvenile compositions. The names of the composers appear in the index. Paper; ff. 48. Presented by the same., 1773 British Library
creatorOf CHAMBER MUSIC OF THE 17TH-18TH CENTURIES: 'Musick (in Score) of two, three, four, five and six parts, by Severall authors. & likewise Some Generall Rules of Composition, & for playing a throwgh bass on the harpsichord'; [mid 18th cent.] Ownership ins... British Library
creatorOf 'A SHORT TREATISE ON HARMONY' by Johann Christoph Pepusch; circa 1750 (f. 1). Copy, of an edition by John Walsh, made by George Shepherd, draper and postmaster of Abingdon, co. Berks (f. 1). The text is very close to that of the first edition by John..., approximately 1750 British Library
referencedIn A COLLECTION of song and dance tunes, mostly treble part only, originally made by 'William Pitt June ye 12th. 1722' (cf. the index of tunes at ff. 1-2), with somewhat later additions at ff. 14b-35 passim, including a suite for two flutes, and, revers..., 1722 British Library
creatorOf CHANDOS MUSIC MANUSCRIPTS. Vol. III. G. F. Handel, 'Chandos' Anthems 'In the Lord put I my trust' (ff. 1-50v) and 'I will magnify thee, O God' (ff. 53-84v); with the similarly sacred anthems 'O sing unto the Lord a new song' (ff. 85-106) and 'O be Jo..., 18th century British Library
creatorOf CHANDOS MUSIC MANUSCRIPTS. Vol. IV. Volume of Cantatas, labelled 'Basso Continvo' on the front cover. Partly Italian. ff. i+66. Binding of dark red leather, gilt-ruled and stamped and labelled in blue leather. 275 x 422mm. 1. ff. 1-10v. J. C. Pepusch... British Library
referencedIn "VARIOUS Papers written by, and in the autograph of, Dr. Christoplier Pepusch, relating to Harmony and the Scales and Modes of the Ancients." Paper ; xviiith cent. Folio., 18th century British Library
referencedIn 1. RULES for playing a thorouh bass, by Dr. John Blow. Autograph. f. 1. 2. " Magnificat," in full score, by Dr. Johann Christoph Pepusch. f. 6. Paper; ff. 37. xviith, xviiith centt. Folio., 17th century-18th century British Library
referencedIn DANCES, marches, and other arrangements for harpsichord or spinet. The only composers named are George Spencer, Dr. Croft, Handel, and Papusch; but some of the anonymous pieces have been identified as the compositions of John Eccles, Francesco Mancin... British Library
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