Bonaparte, Louis Lucien, Prince

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Epithet: Prince

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referencedIn Vol. CCCXCVIII (ff. 371). 9 Aug.-5 Nov. 1883.includes:f. 1 John Alexander Beith, merchant: Letters to W. E. Gladstone: 1883.f. 5 Hugh Culling Eardley Childers, PC; MP: Minutes by: 1865-1886.ff. 6, 31 Margaret Lindsay, widow of Alexander, 25th E... British Library
referencedIn PANIZZI PAPERS. Letters, collected as autographs, mostly addressed to Sir Anthony Panizzi, K.C.B., Principal Librarian of the British Museum; 1828-1878, n.d. English, French and Italian. Other general correspondence of Panizzi is Add. MSS. 36714-3672..., 1828-1878 British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCXCIX (ff. 351). 6 Nov.-Dec. 1883.includes:ff. 1, 33 Benjamin Morgan Cowie, Dean of Exeter (1883): Letters to W. E. Gladstone: 1872-1884.ff. 3, 28 James Fraser, Bishop of Manchester: Correspondence with W. E. Gladstone: 1857-1885.ff. 6, 2... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCXCIII (ff. 315). Dec. 1882.includes:ff. 1, 83 Sir Robert Giffen, economist: Letters to W. E. Gladstone: 1879-1886.f. 3 William Blood, of Liverpool Chamber of Commerce: Letter to [R. Giffen]: 1882.: Copy.ff. 5, 127 John Gott, Bishop of T... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCXCV (ff. 318). 9 Mar.-9 May 1883.includes:f. 1 Pauline Marie Armande Aglaé Craven, wife of A D Craven: Letters to W. E. Gladstone: 1874-1883.ff. 3, 28 Hugh Law, Lord Chancellor of Ireland: Correspondence with W. E. Gladstone: 1869-1883.f.... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCCXXVIII (ff. 314). 3 July-Dec. 1891.includes:f. 1 Andrew Carnegie, philanthropist: Correspondence with W. E. Gladstone: 1885-1897.f. 5 Charles Waldstein, afterwards Walston; Hellenist; Knight 1912: Letters to W. E. Gladstone: 1891-1895.f.... British Library
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referencedIn LETTERS addressed to Charles Kent, on the subject of his polyglot Corona Catholica (cf. Add. MS. 35229), by the scholars who contributed to it; 1878-1880. Paper; ff. 219. Presented by Charles Kent, Esq., 1878-1880 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XIII. (ff. 429). Undated, A-G.includes:ff. 1, 2 Adelina del Balzo: Letter to A. Panizzi: 1863-1868.: Ital. ff. 4, 6 Sir John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, 1st Baron Acton of Aldenham: Letters to Sir A. Panizzi: 1874, n.d. f. 7 Emily Ashley Coo..., 1823-1877 British Library
referencedIn FIFTY-SEVEN original letters, many of which relate to the literary history of Cornwall and are addressed, except where otherwise stated, to George Clement Boase, joint-author of Bibliotheca Cornubiensis, 1874; 1845-1894. The writers are:-William Yarr..., 1845-1894 British Library
referencedIn Vol. I (ff. 367). 1795-1882.includes:f. 1 John Jacob Astor, musical instrument manufacturer: Letter to Messrs Broadwood and Son: 1795.: Photogr.f. 2 Thomas Campbell, poet: Certificate by: 1842.ff. 3-125 passim John Sliegh, humorous artist: Lett..., 1795-1882 British Library
referencedIn Vol. DCCI (ff. 230). 1878-1881.includes:f. 3 Thomas Raleigh, Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford; KCSI 1904: Letter to W. E. Gladstone: 1878.f. 6 Francis William Newman, brother of John Henry Newman: Letters to W. E. Gladstone: 1861-1882.ff. 7, 8..., 1878-1881 British Library
referencedIn HODGSON PAPERS. Vol. CXXXVI. Contents: 1. Thomas Jack, publisher; 1888. 2. Sweet & Maxwell, publishers; 1888. 3. Sale of remainders of books by Dr Charles John Vaughan; 1889. 4. Prince Louis Lucien Bonaparte; 1891. 5. James Bain, bookseller; 1894. 6...., 1888-1903 British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCLXXIII (ff. 288). Oct.-Dec. 1878.includes:ff. 1, 2, 19, 53, 243 Sir Henry Brougham Loch, 1st Baron Loch: Letters to W. E. Gladstone: 1871-1880.f. 4 Reverend Willis Probyn Nevins, theological writer: Letters to W. E. Gladstone: 1876-1890.... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCLXXVII (ff. 309). Jan-Mar. 1880.includes:f. 1 Madame Juliette Adam, French writer: Letter to W. E. Gladstone: 1880.: Fr.ff. 2, 15, 184, 276 Margaret De Lisle, daughter of Ambrose Lisle March Phillipps De Lisle: Correspondence with W. E. G... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCXCVI (ff. 316). 10 May-June 1883.includes:f. 1 Randall Thomas Davidson, Archbishop of Canterbury: Letters to W. E. Gladstone: 1882-1894.ff. 5, 61 John Jackson, Bishop of Lincoln and (1868) of London: Letters to W. E. Gladstone: 1869-1885.... British Library
creatorOf FRENCH-BASQUE DICTIONARY, compiled in 1853-1862 by Captain Duvoisin. Unfinished, extending as far as the letter 0. Three volumes. Paper. Belonged to Prince L. L. Bonaparte. Folio., 1853-1862 British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCXCVII (ff. 337). July-8 Aug. 1883.includes:f. 1 Sir Edwin Saunders, dentist: Letters to W. E. Gladstone: 1883-1894.ff. 3, 34 Robert Jenkins Nevin, DD; Rector of St Paul's American Church, Rome: Correspondence with W. E. Gladstone: 1875-1... British Library
referencedIn Vol. CCCCXXVII (ff. 334). Jan.-2 July 1891.Sir Isaac Pitman, inventor of modern shorthand: Letter to W. E. Gladstone: 1891.includes:ff. 4, 30, 107, 294 Léon Séché, French writer: Letters to W. E. Gladstone: 1877-1892.: Fr. ff. 6, 109 Margot Asquith... British Library
referencedIn "CORONA CATHOLICA," by Charles Kent: an epigram in English founded on St. Malachy's prophecy applied to the accession of Leo XIII., with versions in fifty languages, ancient and modern, by various scholars, mostly in the autograph of the translators...., 1880 British Library
Role Title Holding Repository
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Perthshire, Scotland
London, England
London, England
Loreto, Italy
Edinburgh, Scotland
West Hartlepool, Durham
Gateshead, Durham
Corfu, the Ionian Islands
Ireland, Europe
Birmingham, Warwickshire
West Africa, Africa
Cyprus, Asia Minor
London, England
Cornwall, England
Ireland, Europe
Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland


Active 1795

Active 1903

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