Capel, Thomas Bladen, Sir, Admiral KCB

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Epithet: Admiral KCB

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000750.0x00034a

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referencedIn Vol. XXVIII (ff. 184). 16 Nov. 1848 -Apr. 1849.includes:ff. 24, 145 John Dinnen, inspector of naval machinery: Letters and reports to Adm. Sir C. Napier, with sketches of naval machinery, etc.: 1847-1849.ff. 25, 38, 39, 56 Admiral Sir Thomas Bla... British Library
referencedIn LETTERS and papers of, or relating to, Nelson, viz. 1. Three holograph letters from Nelson : (a) to the French General and Admiral at Malta, offerinG terms for their surrender; [Oct. 1798]. Draft, endorsed by Sir W. Hamilton. [Printed, with slightly ..., 1798-1837 British Library
referencedIn Vol. III. (ff. 473). C-Co.includes:ff.1-3 Commander Crawford Caffin: Biographical notes: 1845.ff. 4-7 Comm. Herbert C; R.N: Biographical notes: 1845.ff. 8-10 Lieutenant Charles Caldecot, RN: Biographical notes: 1845.ff.11-14 Lieutenant Franci... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXII. (XXI. ff. 359). 12 Mar.-10 May, 1804.includes:ff. 1, 93, 103, 271, 294 Captain Lewis Shepheard, RN: Letters to ford Nelson: 1804. ff. 4, 282 Lieutenant Thomas Clarke, RM: Letters to Lord Nelson: 1804. f. 5 Captain Daniel Danvers: Letters... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXV. (XXIV. ff. 337). 1 Oct.-16 Nov. 1804.includes:ff. 1, 6, 22, 33, 96, 104, 107 Captain John Gore, RN: Letters to Lord Nelson: 1803-1805. ff. 3, 12-19 Captain Robert Barlow, afterwards Admiral Sir Robert: Letters to Lord Nelson: 1803-1805. f... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXX. (XXIX. ff. 349). 1 Sept.-2 Nov. 1805.includes:f. 1 John James Hamilton, 1st Marquess of Abercorn: Letter to Lord Nelson: 1805. f.3 Alexander Hamilton, Marquess of Douglas; 10th Duke of Hamilton: Letter to Lord Nelson: 1805. f. 5 George Gr... British Library
creatorOf LETTERS AND PAPERS; 1597-1894, n.d. Presented anonymously, with Add. Ch. 75457, 75731 and 75732, through J. L. Douthwaite, Esq., and the Friends of the National Libraries. Paper; ff. 100. Folio. 1597-1894. Included are:– 1. ff. 1-1b. Order by William..., 1597-1899 British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXVII. (XXVI. ff. 349). 1 Jan.-28 Feb. 1805.includes:f. 3 Charles Livingston, Merchant at Malta: Letter to Capt. Richardson: 1805. f. 3 George Noble: Letter to Capt. Richardson: 1805. f. 3 Josiah Rees, Merchant at Malta: Letter to Capt. Richar... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXVI. (XXV. ff. 292). 17 Nov.-31 Dec. 1804.includes:ff. 1, 142 Captain Israel Pellew, RN: Letters to Lord Nelson: 1804-1805. f. 2 William Standbridge, Surgeon, RN: Letter to Capt. Pellew: 1804. f. 3 Admiral Sir Pultney Malcolm, GCB: Letters to... British Library
referencedIn Vol. IX. (ff. 376). Logs of the Phæbe, Hon. Thomas Bladen Capel, commander, 8 May, 1803-4 Apr. 1805. f. 1 Prévoyante [William Brown, commander], 28 Aug.-14 Sept. 1803. f. 214;-Raven, Spelman Swaine, commander, 27 July-9 Nov. 1803. f. 224;-Redbridge ..., 19th century British Library
referencedIn Vol. VI. (V. ff. 461). 1 June-15 Oct. 1798.includes:f. 1 William IV of England: Correspondence, as Duke of Clarence, withh Lord Nelson: 1787-1803. f. 3 Admiral Sir George Cockburn: Letters to Lord Nelson: 1796-1799. ff. 6, 9, 26, 29, 33, 43, 47, 55... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XIX. (XVIII. ff. 381). 11 Aug.-10 Oct. 1803.includes:ff. 1, 4, 330 Captain Robert Corbet, RN: Letters to Lord Nelson: 1803-1805. ff. 2, 3 Republic of Genoa: Documents by Commissaries of the Ligurian Republic: 1803.: Sealed. ff. 2, 3 Domenico C... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXVII (ff. 261). 4 Aug. -28 Nov. 1848 ; 2 Mar. 1849.includes:ff. 27, 48, 131, 147, 151, 154, 159 Commander-Edmund Moubray Lyons, RN: Letters to Adm. Sir C. Napier: 1848.ff. 28, 49, 118 Commander-Edmund Moubray Lyons, RN: Letters to Capt. ..., 1848-1849 British Library
Role Title Holding Repository
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Place Name Admin Code Country
Malta, Europe
Algiers, Africa
Nevis, West Indies
Malta, Europe
Gibraltar, Spain
Tripoli, Lybia
Dublin, Ireland
Cephalonia, Greece
Cyprus, Asia Minor
Corfu, the Ionian Islands
Gibraltar, Spain
Port Mahon, Minorca
Zante, the Ionian Islands
Cerigo, Greece
Gibraltar, Spain
Egypt, Africa
Gozo, Malta
Port Mahon, Minorca
Morocco, North Africa
Alexandria, Egypt
Malta, Europe
Genoa, Italy
Gibraltar, Spain
Ireland, Europe
Naples, Italy
Lisbon, Portugal
Barcelona, Catalonia
Acre, Syria
Majorca, Spain
Port Civitavecchia, Italy
Greece, Europe
Flintshire, Wales
Malta, Europe


Active 1597

Active 1899

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