Colvin, Auckland, Sir, 1838-1908

Alternative names
Birth 1838-03-08
Death 1908-03-24

Biographical notes:

1858-1879 Indian Civil Service; 1864-1865 under-secretary in the home department of the government of India; 1866-1870 assistant settlement officer in Etawa and Allahabad districts; 1870 secretary to the board of revenue of the government of the North-Western Provinces; 1875-1878 commissioner for excise and inland customs; 1878-1879 head of the cadastral survey of Egypt; 1879 commissioner of the debt; 1880 controller-general of Egypt; 1881 KCMG; 1882-1883 financial adviser to Khedive; 1883-1887 finance member of Viceroy’s Council; 1887-1892 lieutenant-governor of the North-Western Provinces and Oudh; 1892 KCSI; 1896 chairman of the Burma Railways, the Egyptian Delta Railway, and the Khedival Mail Steamship Company.

Epithet: administrator in Egypt and India

Title: Knight

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001477.0x000121


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  • Kasia, United Provinces (as recorded)
  • India, Asia (as recorded)
  • Pondicherry, India (as recorded)
  • Madras, India (as recorded)
  • Mysore State, India (as recorded)
  • Russia, Europe, Asia (as recorded)
  • Salem, Madras (as recorded)
  • Travancore State, India (as recorded)
  • India, Asia (as recorded)
  • Egypt, Africa (as recorded)
  • Calcutta, India (as recorded)
  • Basti, United Provinces (as recorded)
  • Madras, India (as recorded)
  • Benares, United Provinces (as recorded)
  • Cochin State, India (as recorded)
  • Burma, Asia (as recorded)
  • Hyderabad State, India (as recorded)
  • India, Asia (as recorded)
  • Bombay, India (as recorded)
  • India, Asia (as recorded)