Romanov, House of.

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This chronology provides a basic guide, for reference purposes, to events of immediate relevance to the time period covered by materials in the collection.

1868 6/18 May Birth of future Emperor Nicholas II

1872 6 Jun Birth of Princess of Alix of Hesse-Darmstadt, future

Empress Alexandra

1894 14/26 Nov Marriage of Nicholas and Alexandra

1896 14/26 May Coronation of Emperor Nicholas II

1895 3/15 Nov Birth of Ol'ga Nikolaevna

1897 29 May/10 Jun Birth of Tat'iana Nikolaevna

1899 14/26 Jun Birth of Mariia Nikolaevna

1901 5/18 Jun Birth of Anastasiia Nikolaevna

1904 30 Jul/12 Aug Birth of Aleksei Nikolaevich

1914 19 Jul/1 Aug Germany declares war on Russia

1916 17/30 Dec Murder of Rasputin (b. 1864)

1917 22 Feb/7 Mar Nicholas II returns to Mogilev from TSarskoe Selo

1917 23 Feb/8 Mar Strikes and unrest ensue in Petrograd on

International Women's Day

1917 28 Feb/13 Mar Nicholas II, unable reach TSarskoe Selo, goes to


1917 2/15 Mar Nicholas II abdicates for himself and for his son

in favor of his brother Mikhail, who refuses the throne the next day

1917 8/20 Mar Aleksandra placed under house arrest at TSarskoe


1917 7/20 Mar Nicholas was arrested at GHQ-Mogilev

1917 1/14 Aug Imperial family evacuated to Tobol'sk via Tiumen'

1917 6/19 Aug Imperial family arrives in Tobol'sk

1917 25 Aug/7 Sep Anna Vyrubova detained in Petrograd

1917 1/14 Sep Vasilii Pankratov arrives as commissar in charge of

the imperial family

1917 25 Oct/7 Nov Bolsheviks overthrow Provisional Government

1917 17/30 Nov News of the Bolshevik coup d'état reaches Tobol'sk

1918 31 Jan/13 Feb New style calendar adopted

1918 27 Feb Imperial family put on soldiers' rations

1918 16 Apr Vasilii IAkovlev and armed detachment escort former

Emperor Nicholas II, Alexandra, and Mariia Nikolaevna, accompanied by

Doctor Evgenii Botkin and three servants, to Ekaterinburg, arriving on

1918 30 April and establishing the ex-imperial family at the Ipat'ev


1918 23 May The remaining members of the ex-imperial family arrive

in Ekaterinburg

1918 12-13 Jun Grand Duke Mikhail killed in supposed escape attempt

1918 16 Jun Capital punishment reintroduced

1918 16-17 Jul Execution of Nicholas II, his family, physician, and


1964 Death of Anna Vyrubova (b. 1884)

From the guide to the Romanov collection, 1894-1935, 1907-1918, (Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library)

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