Powell, Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden, Baron Baden-Powell

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Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden Powell was born in London in February 1857. He is most famous for being the founder of the Boy Scouts movement. He died in Kenya in January 1941

From the guide to the Robert Baden Powell collection, 1936, (Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge)

1876-1910 army officer; 1876 lieutenant, 13th hussars; 1878-1880 sick leave; 1880 return to India; 1882-1886 adjutant; 1883 captain; 1887 aide-de-camp to Sir Henry Smyth, commander-in-chief of Cape Colony; 1887-1889 served in Zululand; 1890 brevet-major; 1892 major; 1895 command, native levy for Sir Francis Scott's expedition against King Prempeh of Asante; 1896 brevet lieutenant-colonel; 1896 chief staff officer to Sir Frederick Carrington; 1896–1897 campaign in Matabeleland; 1897 lieutenant-colonel; 1897 command, 5th Dragoon guards; 1899 commander-in-chief, north-west frontier forces; 1900 major-general; 1899–1900 defence of Mafeking; 1900 CB; 1900–1901 operations Transvaal; 1901-1902 on leave from the army; 1902-1904 inspector-general of cavalry; 1903 vice-president, the Boys Brigade; 1904 founder, the cavalry training school at Netheravon; 1906 co-founder, the Cavalry Journal; 1907 lieutenant-general; 1908 founder of the Boy Scouts; 1908-1910 command, the Territorial Force; 1909 knighted; 1909 KCB, KCVO, CVO; 1913 master of the Mercer's Company; 1915 founder of the Girl Guides; 1916 founder of the Wolf Cubs; 1920 chief scout of the world; 1923 Oxford DCL; 1923 GCVO; 1927 GCMG; 1931 Cambridge LLD; 1937 order of Merit; 1937 Carnegie Wateler peace prize.

Epithet: army officer, founder of the Scout movement

Title: 1st Baronet Baden-Powell

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Birth 1857

Death 1941


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