Stibitz, George R. (George Robert), 1904-1995

Alternative names
Birth 1904-04-30
Death 1995-01-31

Biographical notes:

Stibitz was born in York, Pa. in 1904. He received his Ph.D from Denison University and his M.S. from Union College. Completing his post-graduate studies at Cornell University, he received his Ph.D in Mathematical Physics in 1930. He worked as a Research Mathematician at Bell Telephone Laboratories, 1930-1941. While at Bell, he began to experiment with an "automated calculator" and the "Complex Computer". During World War II he worked as a Technical Aid in Section 7 of the National Defense Research Committee. He completed work on the "Stibitz Computer", the Ballistic Computer, and the Mark 22 Error Computer during this period, 1941-1945.

In 1946 Stibitz moved to Burlington, Vt. and became a consultant in applied mathematics for several businesses and government agencies, including the Barber-Coleman Company, Hamilton Propeller of United Aircraft, Remington Rand, and the Dept. of Defense. He also became involved in the field of patent expertise and worked on patent litigation cases. In 1964 he became a professor of physiology at Dartmouth Medical School and pursued his interest in the application of computer technology to the field of biomedical research.

From the description of Papers, 1937- (Dartmouth College Library). WorldCat record id: 237352371


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  • Computer engineering
  • Calculators
  • Patent suits
  • Airlines--Reservation systems
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  • Research mathematician
  • Consultant, applied mathematics


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