Marshman, John Clark, 1794-1877

Alternative names
Birth 1794
Death 1877

Biographical notes:

1799 arrived in India; c 1811-1837 Serampore mission; 1818-1835 editor and co-founder, Suma char Durpan; 1818-1852 co-founder, the Friend of India; official Bengali translator to the government of India; chairman, Red Sea Telegraph Company; 1855 departed India; 1868 grant of the Star of India; chairman, committee of audit of the East India Railway.

Epithet: historian, journalist and missionary

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001347.0x000148


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  • Thailand, Asia (as recorded)
  • Punjab, India (as recorded)
  • Rawalpindi, Punjab (as recorded)
  • Bombay, India (as recorded)
  • Gilgit, Kashmir (as recorded)
  • Transcaspia, Central Asia (as recorded)
  • China, Asia (as recorded)
  • Dibang River, Assam (as recorded)
  • Charsadda, North-West Frontier Province (as recorded)
  • Kashgar, China (as recorded)
  • Satna, Rewa State, Central India (as recorded)
  • Aligarh, United Provinces (as recorded)
  • North-West Frontier Province, India (as recorded)
  • Mount Everest, Tibet (as recorded)
  • Turkestan, Asia (as recorded)
  • Nepal, Asia (as recorded)
  • Tashkent, Uzbekistan (as recorded)
  • Tibet, Asia (as recorded)
  • Assam, India (as recorded)
  • Russia, Europe, Asia (as recorded)
  • India, Asia (as recorded)
  • Russia, Europe, Asia (as recorded)
  • Bhutan, Asia (as recorded)
  • Cambodia, Asia (as recorded)
  • Mishmi Hills, Assam and Burma (as recorded)
  • Mashhad, Iran (as recorded)
  • Japan, Asia (as recorded)
  • Himalaya Mountains, Tibet (as recorded)
  • Sikkim, Asia (as recorded)
  • Hyderabad State, India (as recorded)
  • North-East Frontier, India (as recorded)
  • Central Asia, Asia (as recorded)