Younghusband, Eileen Louise, Dame, 1902-1981

Alternative names
Birth 1902-01-01
Death 1981-05-27

Biographical notes:

Born 1902; educated privately; social worker in South and East London, 1924-1929; student at the London School of Economics and Political Science, 1926-1929; Lecturer, LSE, 1929-1939 and 1944-1957; Principal Officer for Employment and Training, National Association of Girls' Clubs, 1939-1944; Director of British Council Social Welfare Courses, 1942-1944; Member, McNair Committee, 1943; Member, Departmental Committee on Social Workers in the Mental health Services, 1948; Member, Committee of Enquiry into the Law and Practice Relating to Charitable Trusts; Chairman, Ministry of Health Working Party on Social Workers in the Health and Welfare Services, 1959; Adviser, National Institute for Social Work Training, 1961-1967; President, International Association of Schools of Social Work, 1961-1968; Member, Committee on the Probation Service, 1962; DBE, 1964; member of various committees for penal reform, child care, youth service, care of old people, family welfare, social studies and international social work; René Sand Award, International Council on Social Welfare, 1976; Chairman, Hammersmith Juvenile Court; died 1981. Publications: The education and training of social workers (Carnegie UK Trust, 1947); Social work in Britain (Carnegie UK Trust, 1951); Social work and social change (London, 1964); Social work in Britain, 1950-1975: a follow-up study (Allen and Unwin, London, 1978); The newest profession: a short history of social work (Community Care, Sutton, 1981).

From the guide to the YOUNGHUSBAND, Dame Eileen Louise, 1902-1981, social work pioneer, [1910-1920], (British Library of Political and Economic Science)

1924-1929 social worker in South and East London; 1929-1939 tutor at London School of Economics (LSE); 1933-? Justice of the Peace, Stepney; 1939-1944 principal officer for training and employment for youth leaders for the National Association of Girls' Clubs; 1943 survey of the welfare needs of the recipients of benefit for the National Assistance Board; 1945 survey of training for social workers for the Carnegie Trust; 1945-194? United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration; 1946 MBE; 1948 consultant on the United Nations social welfare fellowship programme; 1954-1957 pioneer of social work training at LSE; 1955-1959 chair of Ministry of Health working party on the role of social workers in the local authority health and welfare services; 1955 CBE; 1961-1967 consultant for the National Institute for Social Work Training; 1961-1968 President of the International Association of Schools of Social Work; 1964 DBE; 1976 René Sand award for international social work

Epithet: social work consultant

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