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Kubler, George, 1912-1996 (21) (person)

George A. Kubler was a noted professor of art history at Yale University from 1938 until his retirement. He was chief of the UNESCO Mission to Cuzco, Peru in 1951; and a Guggenheim fellow in Mexico, 1943-1944, and in Spain, 1952-1953. Kubler was a member of numerous learned societies and author of books and articles. He died on October 3, 1996. George Alexander Kubler, art historian, writer and teacher, was born July 26, 1912, in Los Angeles. Professor Kubler h...

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Kubler, George A. (George Adolf), 1876- (1) (person)

Stereographer and collector. George A. Kubler was born in Ohio in 1876. He was the founder and president of the Certified Dry Mat Corporation in New York City. The firm made stereotype matrices and initiated the process of rotary press printing of newspapers. Kubler was particularly interested in illustrations in magazines and newspapers. This collection is the product of his avid interest in print collecting and cataloging. To create this collection, Kuler gathered E...

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