Howell, Clark, 1863-1936

Clark Howell, editor, legislator, and politician, was born September 21,1863, in Barnwell County, South Carolina, and died November 14, 1936 in Atlanta, Georgia. After his father (Evan Park Howell) retired as publisher of the Atlanta Constitution, he replaced him and bought control of the newspaper in 1901, becoming editor-in-chief for 35 years. He served as a Georgia legislator, 1885-1891 (Speaker 1891), and again 1900-1906, but his 1907 gubernatorial bid was unsuccessful. He was chairman of three national commissions, a trustee of University of Georgia (1896-1927); wrote History of Georgia (1926) and helped the Constitution win the 1931 Pulitzer Prize by exposing Atlanta city graft.

From the description of Clark Howell papers, 1864-1936. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 81980597


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