Cole, William

William Cole (1714-1782), Cambridge antiquary, was born at Little Abington, near Babraham, on 3 August 1714. He attended private schools in Cambridge, Linton and Saffron Walden, before spending five years at Eton. He entered Clare Hall, Cambridge, in 1733, transferring to King's College, Cambridge, in 1736 (B.A., 1736; M.A., 1740). Cole was rector of Hornsey, Middlesex, 1749-1751, although he chose not to reside there, then rector of Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, 1753-1767. He moved to Waterbeach, near Cambridge, in 1767, and to Milton in 1770, before becoming non-resident vicar of Burnham, Buckinghamshire, 1774-1782. He was made a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries in 1747. Cole died at Milton on 16 December 1782. He bequeathed his manuscript collection, which consisted of material relating to Cambridge and its university, Huntingdonshire and Buckinghamshire, to the British Museum.

From the guide to the William Cole: Papers on Cambridgeshire Landholdings, c. 1746-1747 (copies of originals of the 13th - 17th centuries), (Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives)


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