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George Grebenstchikoff (in Russian Georgii Dmitrievich Grebenshchikov) was born May 6 (April 24 Old Style) 1883 in the Tomsk Oblast of Russia. In 1917 he married Tatiana Denisovna Stadnik, whom he met when she acted in a play he wrote. He published segments of his serialized novel Churaevy before emigrating to Paris (1920) and then the United States (1924). In 1925 he and Ilia Tolstoi founded the Churaevka artists' colony in Southbury, Connecticut, where Grebenstchikoff also directed the Alatas publishing house. The Grebenstchikoffs later moved to Florida, where George Grebenstchikoff taught creative writing and Russian literature at Florida Southern College from 1941 to 1952.

In addition to Churaevy, Grebenstchikoff's principal writings include the novel The Turbulent Giant (1940) and Egorkina zhizn' (published posthumously in 1966), an autobiographical work.


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