Chamberlain, Joseph, 1836-1914

Joseph Chamberlain was born in 1836; he was educated at University College School, and at the age of sixteen moved from London to Birmingham to join his uncle's screw manufacturing business, Nettlefold and Chamberlain; he became a member of the Birmingham Education Society, the National Education League, and was chairman of the Birmingham School Board [1868-1873]; he was a member of Birmingham Town Council [1872-1880], being Councillor for St Paul's Ward and Mayor [1873-1876]; he was MP for West Birmingham [1876-1914]; President of the Board of Trade [1880-1885]; President of the Local Government Board [1886]; Secretary of State for the Colonies, [1895-1903]; Chancellor of the University of Birmingham [1901-1914]; and Lord Rector of Glasgow University. He died on 2 July 1914

From the guide to the Joseph Chamberlain, Letters Additional of, [1860]-1993, (University of Birmingham, Cadbury Research Library: Special Collections)


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