Feild, Robert Durant, 1893-1979.

Art historian, painter, educator; New Orleans, La. and Cambridge, Mass. Known as Robin Feild.

Born in England of American parents. Taught at Harvard, ca. 1934-1941, where Arthur Pope was his principal mentor, and Edward Warburg was a pupil. Pioneered in the teaching of film. Went to Hollywood in 1949; wrote THE ART OF WALT DISNEY. Involved in trying to form a teachers' union at Harvard, ca. 1940, which cost Feild, Meyer Shapiro, and other faculty members their jobs. Dean, Sophie Newcomb Art School at Tulane University, ca. 1942-1950; removed from the deanship by Logan Wilson, a conservative president, but Feild refused to resign and stayed until his retirement. Returned to Cambridge, Mass. where W.G. Constable and Fritz Pappenheim became his good friends.


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