Bloom, Lansing Bartlett, 1880-

Lansing B. Bloom, a Presbyterian minister, came to New Mexico in 1912 and worked at several missions, before accepting a staff position with the Museum of New Mexico and School of American Research in Santa Fe, in 1917. In 1924, Bloom became a fellow of the Historical Society of New Mexico, where he held the position of secretary until his death in 1946. He served as editor of the New Mexico Historical Review (NMHR), from its inception in 1926 until 1946, dates which coincide with his teaching duties in the Department of History, at UNM. Over the course of years, from 1928-1940, Bloom made numerous trips to the archives of Mexico, Spain, and Italy where he conducted research on the history of New Mexico, the Southwest and Northern Mexico. Bloom located and copied thousands of documents that were hitherto unknown to Southwest historians. Bloom published many articles based on these documents between 1913 and his death in 1946.

From the description of Papers, 1540-1946 (bulk 1870-1946) (University of New Mexico-Main Campus). WorldCat record id: 43925468


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